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I'm not saying it was horses...but it was probably horses.

Howdy Pardners!

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Well gosh! It's been a long time, DeviantArt. How have you been? Terrible? Well, me too! In fact, that's what brings me back here. You may not have heard, but Flintheart Glomgold bought Twitter and immediately attempted to mate with it. Things aren't going well there and, frankly, we are all expect the place to collapse in on itself like the Poltergeist house any moment now. So, I figured I maybe using DeviantArt a bit more in our rapid-onset Dystopian future. With that in mind, I wanted to let you all know that I still live (please hold applause) and still have access to this account...apparently! And if you're looking to find me on any other social media apps that are a fraction less likely to sell my art, likeness and pets to NFT algorithms, then here's my linktree: So there's that! Hope you're all doing great! Feel free to drop the deets on where else I can follow you in the comments. Goodnight and Glob bless!
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THANK YOU EVERYONE for the wonderful birthday wishes and art and everything else! I'm definitely overwhelmed! After the weekend's festivities are over I will try and respond to each of you in kind and personally. But for now, please know I've read al...
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Another tiny dream come true! I received a package from the amazing, incredible and legendary Kath Soucie, voice of Fifi, Morgana, Lola Bunny and so many other classic cartoon characters! She sent me a beautiful personal letter, a signed postcard and autographed two pieces of my Fifi art! I'm at a loss for words!  This is something I've dreamed of since I was knee high to a skunk! Now it's just a matter of framing the art and hanging it in my studio and office!
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Do you want some Art Ideas?

What do you think about Melissa Duck?

Hello, can you plz check your correspondence inbox? I’m trying to submit your stuff to my group (

Hello there, how are things going for you lately?

Hello PixelKitties I was wonderin what reaction of the mane 6 would be if they found out that manny is the headless manhorse

Hello PixelKitties are you there and if so I will like to talk to you if you could hear me out because I was wonderin if you could digital drawn and make my 3 separate dc super hero girls 2019 styled groupshots since I figured I would ask :

my brother of harley quinn and boyfriend of catwoman is a oc who is a super-villain basically like a fusion of the masked figure from scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed and yokai from big hero 6 named kyle quinzel aka dark shadow and has a team like selena kyle/Catwoman (harley quinn mixed fusion with injustice) as the queen and Tiger Claw (TMNT 2012) as the second in command and Nega-Duck (DuckTales 2017 mixed fusion with darkwing duck 1991) as the chainsaw wielding duck of malice and Striker (Helluva Boss) as the outlaw of hell and norman osborn/The Green Goblin (ps4's Spider-Man's green goblin looks like Avengers1707's green goblin) as the sadistic maniac and Hercules (The God of War Greek Saga) as the greek god brute aka the brotherhood of chaos


The Super Hero Boys (Batboy (is a Teenage Batman like From The Batman 2004): Batgirl and Leo (TMNT 2003): Katana and Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man): Supergirl and Kratos (God of War Greek Saga): Wonder Woman and Guy Gardner (Batman The Brave and The Bold): Jessica Cruz and Sonic (Sonic X): Zatanna and Mermaidpants (SpongeBob SquarePants): Bumblebee and Shaggy and Scooby (Scooby-Doo Live Action): Hawkgirl)


The Super Villain Boys (Kyle Quinn (he looks like Harley Quinn but has a a skull mask that has glowing red eyes): Harley Quinn and Tiger Claw (TMNT 2012): Lady Shiva and Green Goblin (ps4's spider-man's green goblin looks like Avengers1707's green goblin): Catwoman and Hercules (God of War Greek Saga): Giganta and Sinestro (DCAU): Star Sapphire and Eggman (Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Live Action): Poison ivy and Plank-Ton (SpongeBob SquarePants): Livewire and Dick Dastardly and Muttley (Scoob): Lady Shade)