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Commissions are open! :)

Free requests, unfortunately, are currently closed~

Terms of commission:
Send me a note of what you would like. The more details you can include, the better. If you don't include many details, or don't have a complete idea of what you're after, I can try and work it out in a way that I think sounds fun to me and discuss it with you as we go.
I'll send you sketches or lineart through Tumblr or from my Stash for you to look at until you're happy with the look of the current piece.
By then, I will require payment before the full piece is completed, via PayPal.
I will then work on the piece and try to finish it in a reasonable time frame, depending on what exactly the commission is: single pieces I try to finish in a day or two of payment, more complicated pieces or series' may take longer.
The final piece I'll upload on DA, but (unless you ask otherwise) will keep the resolution lower than what will be made available to you via stash.
You have the choice of remaining anonymous, and will also have the layered files available to you (and only you), if you'd like them for personal use.


Build Your Own Commission!

Due to the variety of commission requests that come in and the range of different things I do, I'm going to take a more modular approach to commissions. This will allow anyone to choose exactly what they want out of the commission and know how much it will cost beforehand, hopefully saving needing to discuss and agree upon variable prices, allowing us to get straight to the good stuff!
Additionally, there is a flat 15% discount for all Patrons with the 7$ tier! More info below:
Patreon Page Info~If you like my work, please consider supporting me through Patreon. I use a Tip Jar structure for donations, so you can donate as much or as little as you want and still get full access to all my work, plus a once-monthly Patreon exclusive "X-Ray" version of an image, which allows Patrons to get a secret secondary slide of the image!
Also, for anyone who wishes to donate more and wants something extra out of it, I have a single tier of $7+ which gives you access to full resolution images upon request, as well as the options to suggest or vote on what exclusive image will be available each month!

Price List!

Base Price: £20
This will get you a fully coloured character in a scenario of your choice, with some basic elements or objects required for the scenario.

The Base Price of £20 always applies, and each other section underneath is an "add-on", describing how much it costs and what it is. You can pretty much mix and match these as you wish to get the commission you want the most. The more that gets added on and the more complicated the commission gets, the more the price may vary, but generally the prices should always stay as listed below :)

Additional Character: +£12 (Every third additional character at a reduced price of £7)
Include additional characters to the scene. These are for full/most body shots, and this cost will not be applied for very small inclusions of characters such as arms or legs in the composition.

Story & Dialogue: +£3
Your scene will include a monologue/dialogue based on your story/scenario and will be incorporated into the image (or as plain text underneath it, if preferred)

Environment/Background: £5-10+ (Variable, depending on complexity)
Include specific scenery, backgrounds or environments to go along with your characters~

Make it a Slider: +£5 per character
Want to see your character both dressed and undressed? Bound and unbound? Sliders will give you a link to an image where you can drag their clothes/binds on and off of your character as you please!

Animate the Scene: +£25~50 (Variable, depending on the animation)
The character or scenario will be animated to bring your deviousness to life!

Example Work

Here is just a few examples of some work for each of the above sections, and what you can expect :)

Single & Multiple Characters

Mature Content

Amber Warning by PixelJail

Mature Content

Hold Tight by PixelJail

Mature Content

Silkes' Spring Snatching by PixelJail

Mature Content

Mother And Daughter by PixelJail

Mature Content

Nova and Li-Ming by PixelJail

Mature Content

Sentinels in Training Chp4 Illustration by PixelJail

Mature Content

Cheer Squad by PixelJail

Story & Dialogue

Mature Content

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream (Version 2) by PixelJail

Mature Content

Trip to the Tomb by PixelJail


Mature Content

Bondage as Usual [Slider] by PixelJail

Mature Content

Tropicana [Slider] by PixelJail


Mature Content

Twin Blades [Animated] by PixelJail

Mature Content

Making Music (Animation) by PixelJail


Mature Content

Cytti Caught (Part 1/2) by PixelJail

Mature Content

#6 - New Friend by PixelJail
© 2016 - 2021 PixelJail
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Could I get a rebate for buying in bulk?
PixelJail's avatar
Hey there! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I've been out of the country for work all December and won't be back until early January!

But aye, I'm happy to arrange bulk discounts and do so fairly regularly on multi part series :)
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Damn, would love to commission fomr you, but I've gotta save up for it.
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That's no problem, I'm usually around and you know where to find me! I always like doing art for stories as well, the context and extra depth adds so much to both putting it together and the final product!! ^^
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ok i request for you is kitty katswell!
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Can you send me a note and we can discuss payment details and the specifics of your commission. The more information you give me in detail, the better the final commission can be for you :)
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