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Pack Big Emote

Hey What's up

a little pack of Big Emote :dummy:
enjoy it :la:

:bulletpink:Cry :bulletpink:Love :bulletpink:Verry Happy :bulletpink:Shock
:bulletpink:Horny :bulletpink:Happy :bulletpink:Angry :bulletpink: Sad
:bulletpink::B :bulletpink::3 :bulletpink:Oops :bulletpink:Sleep
:bulletpink: :p :bulletpink:Blank :bulletpink:Paranoid :bulletpink:dead
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The first one looks alot like Isaac
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:iconhisignplz: Just to let you know, this deviation has been featured in Random Emote Awesomeness - Volume 7.

If you like the article, please fave it so that others can find these awesome emotes. :heart:
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Hey, may I get help?
I didn't understant how to use them, or anothers emote. Can you explain me?
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Just to let you know this emote has been featured in the 110th volume of So i herd u liek emotes?? :icondweebdanceplz:
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:iconohuplz: thanks!

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These looks great!

I really like horny...:flirty:
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i apreacite work on so thanks =)
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I LOVE the very happy and flirty and paranoid.
Any chance you can upload them separately for use on dAmn?
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thanks :la:

you want i upload everyone?
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okey ^^ i will do it ;)
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That looks brilliant!
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thanks :dummy:

with 19by19 emote, we can see much better details ;)
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