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anax junius dragonfly 01 by pixelfish anax junius dragonfly 01 by pixelfish
While I put this in the photomanip section I tend to think of it more as a design piece

As some of you may have guessed, I find dragonflies to be rather fascinating. This particular specimen was photographed and scanned by Dr. Dennis Paulsen of the Slater Museum of the University of Puget Sound. He was kind enough to let me use several pictures of dragonflies and provide a wonderful site with lots of information about dragonflies. The lettering on the side actually covers some dragonfly terminology. See, art can be educational!

Anyways, I kept this piece deliberately rather simple because this was such a wonderful shot and I felt that the detail of the dragonfly deserved attention.
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surrealpoldo Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2003
i Heart dragonflies.. in fact, i was searching for dragonflies pictures for drawing studies.. so.. thanx a lot, the deviation is lovely...
twang Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2002
Wow I really like this soo much that I think I'm going to try and see what I can come up with.

havocgr Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2002
Amazing.Just amazing. And yes it should be in designs.
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jsenn Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2002
Love dragons, dragonflies and this image!
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cheneymac Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2002
This is some awesome work. I have always loved watching just what you can do with those dragonflies.
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spaceninja Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2002
Excellent! I love the techno-style stuff mixed with the organic element of the dragonfly. It seems to me like it would make a great CD package... Nice repetition of elements, and you could turn the text on the right side into a track listing easily enough.
-fiction Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2001
another wonderful wall, pixelfish

zeigual Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2001
Great wall. It would be on my desktop but I hate white backgrounds. They hurt my eyes. Great source pics and great technique in design.

:: Zeigual ::
jarv33s Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2001
beautifull. deadly... and stuning.
I like the setup of that pic... simple and sharp....

keep on.
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-freak- Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2001

neato! yet another reminder that Nature *is* art (or beauty, one of the main components of art). The simplicity is a good thing.

You are a dragonfly FREAK. (everyone's a freak about something, eh?) ;) (Wink)
eclipze Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2001
Thats pretty sweet!

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