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The Horned She

I'm not precisely sure who The Horned She is in my personal mythology, but she has a fondness for octopi. (The octopus is a symbol of the ancient creative forces, deeper mysteries, and in some traditions, female sexuality.)

You'll notice her belly is made of glass, and she has two cave fish--one lighter, one darker--swimming around in her belly.

(Sketched in pencil, scanned and painted in Photoshop. Not sure how long this took, I lost track of the time.)

A progression of this piece can be found here: [link]
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I was brought here from science blogs. Great picture.
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Thanks! And yay for the Science Blogs! I like to sketch in the local science museums (California Academy of Science in SF and aquarium and Pac Sci Center in Seattle).
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Nice. I'm searching for a science community to be apart of. I like reading peer reviewed material, I like reading new fields of studies straight from the horses mouth. I'm interested in learning more about synthetic biology and genetic engineering. Very exciting.
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Truly original and beautiful.
Wow great drawing your best by far! Great concept!
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This is incredible.
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Really nice. I dig the palette and over all textures and detailing.
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Featured here:


Feel free to visit, but there is no obligation:)
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Wonderfull !
Awesome dark palette with and great atmosphere !
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Outstanding! Added to "Aliens" Collection here [link]
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Wow! Stunning and darkly fascinating.
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You've been featured here - [link]
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I just noticed the feature and thank you for including the Horned She. :)
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saw this on Elfwood years ago. it amazed me then and still amazes me now. she's scary, yet feminine, graceful, and oddly beautiful.
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Wow, such an interesting, striking character. Fantastic work. :)
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can you say "daaaaaammmmmmmnnnn"

simply amazing detail.
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Very striking. Reminds me of one of my fav artists Brom. Great work, this :)
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Hello :wave:
Your wonderful work has been featured in my journal [link] so, pls, if it bothers you in any way feel free to ask me to remove it.
Have a great day :heart:
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