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I Heart Poutine

Pretty much self explanatory. I heart poutine. Poutine is this Quebecois food which is comprised of fries, gravy, and cheese curds. You can hear your arteries harden as you eat it, but it is sooooo good.
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rolf ;p
i have rock arteries
yum yum
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oh. and I hate it when people say "POO TEEEEEEEEEN"
or "POO TYNE" or "Poot'n" (I work at a rest. that serves it :P (Lick) )
Someone called it a "godfather" once and I was utterly confused.

...This is definitely making me hungry
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we serve poutine here in maine nearly everywhere... though it's different than the poutine I tried in montreal .. we use gravy and -mozzerella- cheese. There's a place nearby that serves it with chicken gravy instead of beef, that's good too. OH so delicious. I want some now.
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yay canadian food. i'm in michigan and have candian friends and i still haven't tasted poutine, but i want to :| (Blank Stare)

i like chili fries.
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wow nice.... Gotta love simple WPs :) (Smile)