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Hi, we proudly welcome our new members with a Member Feature!

Welcome to PixelChallenges 

Proudly Welcoming All of Our Newest Members!

Taurito by Reichenbach Pixel Kiki by Reddomi      Lace and Pastel by ThatOneGoldfish<da:thumb id="625546853"/>  Bush Process by GSavonitti
'Balloons' by ArtOfStan    [Challenge] The Veiled Virgin by kouenli Game map by drysmian <da:thumb id="625167657"/> The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Sprites by Paulo60379
Old Friend by Pix3M   Sunset by PauRiva  My Little Dragon by NevereIce
Wendy by LanningPar  Jun Sprite by Gasara<da:thumb id="622720562"/> ych oI-N-S-3-R-T-N-A-M-3 by MissMarshmall0w SRW style Megas XLR by MechaDeka   Flowering seashell by raionxdesu <da:thumb id="585949323"/>
Alone in the dark by Web5teR<da:thumb id="626193057"/> Pixel Cardcaptor Sakura by Kitten-in-the-jar<da:thumb id="512972023"/> Commission Of Dana by SavDraws  Pixel Chibi Commission Example by MinilogKiki's Delivery Service by bfadraw MinieMushroom pixelicon by Keaton97 Ice-cream by cpl-pendulum (FREE) that's no lighthouse by SqdPxl NekoCatGirl Kisses FishBoy. by Aio-Fox<da:thumb id="612057691"/> Anonymous by k-kuri Villa - Attic by femdesigns Bun pixel by Miss-Callie-Rose [Corinne] DEVIL pixel ver. by leyalluna DU | OC | Birdie Babies by DustyUndies Week 80: (Human) fishing by yoachin FUSION: Volcagrowth - Spring Volcarona by StormClawPonyRises<da:thumb id="620446093"/> Ultimagus: Death by TheIvoryFalcon<da:thumb id="632216833"/>
Kai by B4PHOM3T<da:thumb id="632471641"/> Nila Pixel by AttackFox CC - pixel by miyu96 dA Logo Animated by maximilian-arts [COMM] walk walk fashion baby by infinipede Go Puddin' Go by RainbowGoreArt

InvaderMar cookie avatar animated animation by catluvr2 Queen Elsa- icon by Soraya-Mendez Human Fluttershy Pixel Art by ArtiRox  Isocon by Zmei-Kira    [A] ShizukaAsano by baffledBITS <da:thumb id="609260365"/> <da:thumb id="628393773"/> [Wyngro] Radish Boop Icons by Sneaky-Bean  <da:thumb id="589101504"/> New Salmon Icon by LittleParade  Skulleid DTA Freebie icon by Caandygarden  icon to adopt11 by Yamike-world
Xbox 360 remote by momobee<da:thumb id="634250155"/> [E] Ryo: ANIMATED ICON by Ryomars

We know not all of our new members have not started creating pixel art, so here is a:

Non-Pixel Art Feature:

<da:thumb id="630345017"/> Group Shot! by JaysWing131<da:thumb id="633707279"/> Nick... by Kitavapuwit Cullen by kanteeny<da:thumb id="630365715"/>

Welcome Home!


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Thank you so much for the warm welcome!