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Frequently Asked Questions:  Megaphone by PixelFairyHome

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK How can I join?
Click Join - it's free!

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK Where can I donate?
If you feel generous, you can help the group by donating to our donation account: PixelFairyHome

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK How can I affliate?
Advertise our group one time in your group's journal; then note us the link and we will affiliate with you!

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK What is this group about?
PixelChallenges  is a group that host weekly challenges for pixel artworks. The main goal of the group is to encourage art developing in pixel art and creativity in other deviants, and to have fun!

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK So, you're accepting only Pixel Art?
Yes, we accept only Pixel art. You can submit your Pixel creations here. We also have a Gallery Folder for Pixel Fairy's fan art. You can only submit non-pixel and pixel fan art to this folder.

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK Where can I submit my art? / Are there submission guidelines?
All submission rules are gathered in separated journal, which you can find here: Pixelchallenges gallery Folders

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK Who is a Pixel Fairy?
Pixel Fairy is the mascot of PixelChallenges group. You can find her at PixelFairyHome.

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK Where I can find or submit a Tutorial?
You can find or submit your Tutorials here.

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK I'm a Pixel Artist and I want to be interviewed. What do I need to do?
If you want to be interviewed, send a note to PixelChallenges with some of your works and tell us why you want to be interviewed.

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK I want to host a week, what do I need to do?
If you want to host a week, you need to send a note to PixelChallenges with:
:bulletblack:Examples (inspirations) (links, please)
:bulletblack:Tutorials (links, please)

Then you need to wait some time and either Arichy or Admin UszatyArbuz will accept or decline your application. If we accept your application, you need to write your draft as soon as possible!
We will give you a template on how to write the draft/Journal. 

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK Can anyone participate in Pixel Challenges?
Yes! You don't need to be a pixel master to create pixel scenes, objects or characters! We all make odd things at the start, so this will be a challenge for you - but why not try?

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK How could I get banned?
There are some things that get you banned: Any form of harassment. Trolling anyone in the group. Spamming the group. Begging for handouts. Arguing with admins. Complaining about features. Badmouthing the group or admins. Trying to send non-pixel Art many times. Making pixels with another brushes (non-pixel/binary brush) after warnings (Please note we only make pixels with the Pixel/Binary Brush!) - then you'll not be able to participate in our Pixel Challenges.

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiK Are you hosting Challenge week with someone else?
Yes. We're hosting Pixel Challenge weeks with dAseniors in the beginning of each month, with projecteducate each Community/Senior week, CRAnimeAndManga. We hope to see more groups in this list!

Rules: Megaphone by PixelFairyHome

:bulletred: Do not post commission, contest, or other journals as well as deviations of this type, on our profile and journals.

:bulletred: You must submit a new deviation for each challenge. Don't forget to add a link to the current challenge!

:bulletred: Only one entry per participant. 

:bulletred: Pixels ONLY! No use of automatic tools (e.g gradients or anti-aliasing). When making your submission, only use the pencil/binary brush and other related tools.

:bulletred: We encourage participation from all deviants, no matter what their skill level is in pixelling.

:bulletred: 300 by 300 px is the preferred maximum size for the canvas! However, we do allow big pixel works should the need arise.

:bulletred: No mature content work that is unsuitable for deviants under 18 to view. 

:bulletblue: Submit your works as a deviation to Digital Art/Pixel Art/... 

:bulletblue: Feel free to use any of the tutorials in our gallery to better understand what we are looking for. (For each theme, our Team will find and suggest some useful tutorials for you in that week's journal).

:bulletblue: Important: Make sure you link to our current week's journal in the deviation's description so that we know you've read and understood the rules! 

:bulletblack: If you used a Base and/or Picture for inspiration, you need to credit it in deviation's description.

:bulletgreen: Be creative! 

:bulletgreen: To submit your pixel to the folder, comment on the journal with a link to the deviation, send us a note with the link to the deviation or submit it to the folder.

:bulletgreen: Your entries can be animated and non-animated. Just make your pixels how you want.

:bulletgreen: Feel free to invite your friends!

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