PixelChallenges Week 96

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Hello and welcome to our 96th week!

Before you join, please read our Rules to avoid confusion and any unpleasant situations!!

Clock Dates

Start: 23th January
4th february
Winners announcement: 12th February

Theme of this week: Palette Challenge VI

It's long awaited, everybody favorite challenge theme! This time we would like to propose working with a variation of Gameboy color palette. Again, the theme is up to you - you can draw anything you want! But please use only colors below:

Untitled-1 by PixelFairyHome
#204631 | #527f39 | #aec440 | #d7e894

Additional rules:
Bullet; Blue use only these, exact colors
Bullet; Blue maximum canvas size 250 x 250 pixels
Bullet; Blue no transparency allowed (
the canvas can be in any shape you want)
Bullet; Blue animation is optional
Bullet; Blue send artworks in 100% view ONLY (no x2 or other magnification view - 1 pixel must be in 1 pixel size)

Failed ideaInspirations:

Monster Hunter Gameboy demake by Xeno-striker Super Mario Galaxy (Gameboy Edition) by fennekinlaplz<da:thumb id="257143856"/> GAMEBOY by pop-nebula-dreamer [Undertale gift] Blodeeh by demirramon GameBoy Palette Experiment - Destiny Troopers by HeatPhoenix Mass Effect Gameboy by Badassbill The Legend of Zelda - GameBoy by Badassbill<da:thumb id="643223194"/> Daring Do Title Screen by TaviTurnip Dim Souls by jmatchead<da:thumb id="374799022"/> Pokemon battle mockup by pop-nebula-dreamer
Duck and Cover? by orangemagik Tiny DD Mockup by AdventureIslands Cocktails by RHLPixels Chatterbox's Pinball Fantasy by TaviTurnip Papyrus undertale pixelart by Minilog

:painter:Tutorials for this week:

rainy mood :: progress gif by pixelMewr Pixel Art Tips by ToySkunk   Pixel tutorial - Seven solutions to color banding by Pix3M Pixel Shading Tutorial by 3o2   Basic Tutorial about pixel by JuicyZone Tutorial - Pixel Diamond by firstfear Pixel art tutorial - shading / textures + examples by UszatyArbuz

Need more? Check out TutorialsForYou and TutorialsClub to find more tutorials!

Paper Boy...How to join the challenge?

Your entry for week 96 can be added here: Link to current open gallery folder or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your entry to the right folder, thanks.

Please remember! If you send your entry via note, you have to accept the request that will be send from the group by the deadline, otherwise the deviation will not be considered as an entry!

Make sure you also link this challenge article in your deviation's description, so that we know that you have read our Group Rules.

First Prize WinnerPrizes!

1st place: 100:points:
2 follow ups: 50:points: each

All participants will receive a llama from UszatyArbuz and a feature in the Monday Pixel madness feature.

:bademoticon:Group News:

Share some love with our last week participants here!

Good Souls Feature (December)
New Member Feature - welcoming new members of our group! Love
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Have fun!


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i have a question, is it ok if i change opacity of those colors to combine together?