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Hello and welcome to our 91th week! 

Before you join, please read our Rules to avoid confusion and any unpleasant situations!!

Coo Coo Dates

Start: 12th December
22th December
Winners announcement:
25th December
Winners will be chosen by admins

Snowy Theme of this week: Winter Scene Collab!

Christmas are soon! Last year we were asking you for decorations for our pixel Christmas Tree. This time we would like your help inhabit a snowy valley of Pixeltopia!

There are only 26 slots of two different sizes, with a short guidelines of what we see in which places. See below for details! Snowflake 

collab slots by PixelFairyHome

Bell Bullet *Animated* - F2U!  Rules:
  1. You can only choose one slot to decorate // One entry per participant.
  2. There are two types of slots: black and red. Black slots canvas is 50x70 pixels. Red slots canvas is 50x50 pixels. please stick to the canvas size and don't make bigger artworks!!
  3. Please comment below in comment section with your slot number.
  4. Don't forget to check which slots has been taken first and then comment with yours. The list of participants is below.
  5. If your favorite slot has been taken, we will give you another number.
  6. If you don't care about choosing number, but want to participate, just write in comments "I want a surprise number" and we'll give you your number as soon as possible.
  7. Please send your entry using sta.sh (send a note to PixelChallenges with a link to the sta.sh). We'll add your entry as soon as possible!
  8. Your entry has to be static. We don't accept animated entries this time.
  9. Your entry can have transparent parts.
  10. When you submit your entry to your gallery folder, don't forget to add this link to the deviation's description.
  11. We will put your pixels on the scene, and on Christmas we will submit it for everyone to see!
  12. We have limited numbers for our tree, so hurry!

:mistletoe kiss: Extra tips:
Snowflake Please remember to work within the workspace size. For RED CANVAS is 50x50 pixel, and for BLACK CANVAS it's 70px wide and 50 pixels high.

Snowflake The guidelines are suggestions how we see the scene, but you can do something similar instead. Just remember that it should fit to overall winter scene and have the winter / Christmas mood.
Snowflake If you are going to add characters, they can be your OC, or canons, they can also be closed species or anthro - anything you like!
Snowflake We may move your finished piece a couple of pixels in this or other way, or switch slots with the same "theme", just to make the scene look more natural.

Love letter List of participants & guidelines:

NOTE: Taken places are in bold.
Please note we need to time to update the list - check out the comment section first!

  1. AIternativeBunny / A house
  2. prte1 / A house
  3. Amarantheans / A house
  4. TrixyNetex / A house
  5. Flying-Snake / A house
  6. MsMellaa / A house
  7. Cortoony / A house
  8. pamixx / A house
  9. Cosmos-Centric / A house
  10. HorsePal122 / A shadow of Santa like here
  11. Sopheirion / Snowman, kid(s) making snowman or Christmas tree
  12. Silvertail108 / Snowman, kid(s) making snowman or Christmas tree
  13. EMPTY / Kid(s) sledding or skiing

14. Fuzzyspirit / Deer eating hay from feeder
15. EMPTY / Kid(s) sledding or skiing
16. EMPTY / Kid(s) sledding or skiing
EMPTY / Kid(s) standing with sledge
Ero-Haru / Someone fishing in ice like here
19. Usagui12
/ Kid(s) ice-skating
EMPTY / Kid(s) ice-skating
EMPTY / Kid(s) ice-skating
22. ndnninja15
/ Igloo
actuallyglitter / Igloo
jump2537 / Snowman, kid(s) making snowman or Christmas tree
AspiredWriter / Kid(s) building snowman
whiskeyabuse / Kid(s) building snowman

Christmas Tree Inspirations:

Emote - Jack Frost   Tutorials for this week:

More Palettes by RHLPixels<da:thumb id="637153436"/> Tutorial: How to draw Foliage by oni1ink Pixel Art Tutorial - Basics for Beginners by Gasara<da:thumb id="436016273"/> Spriting Tutorial by Pixy-Pixels How to make a pixel house 2 by vanmall Mini Pixels Part 2 by jennawing

Need more? Check out TutorialsForYou and TutorialsClub to find more tutorials!

Paper Boy...How to join the challenge?


Your entry for week 91 can be added here: Link to current open gallery folder or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your entry to the right folder, thanks.

Please remember! If you send your entry via note, you have to accept the request that will be send from the group by the deadline, otherwise the deviation will not be considered as an entry!

Make sure you also link this challenge article in your deviation's description, so that we know that you have read our Group Rules.

Present Peeker   Prizes!

Snowflake First Place: 150:points:
SnowflakeSecond Place: 100:points:
SnowflakeThird Place: 50:points:
SnowflakeFourth Place: 30:points:
SnowflakeFifth Place: 20:points:

SnowflakeAll participants will get a llama from PixelFairyHome , UszatyArbuz and Amarantheans
SnowflakeAll participants will get a feature from Amarantheans
SnowflakeAll entries will be featured in a Monday Pixel Madness journal by UszatyArbuz

~more prizes may be added soon~

:bademoticon:Group News:

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Have fun!

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