Pixel Challenge week 62

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Hello and welcome to our 62th week!

Before you join, please read our Rules to avoid confusion and any unpleasant situations!!

Clock Dates

Start: 11th Arpil
End: 16th April
Members voting: 17th - 23th April
Winners announcement: 24th April

Theme of this week: Isometric - buildings and rooms

Some time ago we asked you what themes would you like to see in our challenges. I was a bit surprised that over 40% of you voted for technical pixel art related themes! Thus, I decided to host another Isometric challenge for you!
In video games and pixel art, "isometric" refers to some form of parallel projection (commonly, the form of dimetric projection with a 2:1 pixel ratio) where the viewpoint is rotated slightly to reveal other facets of the game environment than are typically visible from a top-down perspective or side view, thereby producing a three-dimensional effect.

I hope everyone enjoy creating isometric architecture! Buildings and rooms are quite easy things to create, even though it may sound really complex. This week, I would like you to chose creating either a building, or a single room with furniture and stuff inside it :la:

Please remember you can chose only one thing, because we allow only one entry per challenge!

Failed idea Inspirations:

Isometric buildings:
Iso Building by RHLPixelsTorii by InsidiousSys Isometric pixel art inn house by RGBfumes ACNL: Re-Tail Isometric by LilMissSunBear Pub 1 by noaqh The Mystery _hack by Mediocre-Mel ACNL: The Roost Cafe Isometric by LilMissSunBear Isometric Pixel Island by PixelCod isometric house by vaqabond Isometric House by MomentaryUnicorn

Isometric rooms:
the Messy Life by Blobosaur<da:thumb id="559024593"/> My Room by px-fun Pixel Honeycombs: Ougai's Library by hitogata Pixel - Kairobath by firstfear HBD Peri !! by xinhang EcoVerse: The Bar by AzKai Isometric room - 1rst Try by 20BoxesPotatoSalad #Chickenstreet by maicakesLibrarian's Dollhouse by TaviTurnip<da:thumb id="544894635"/>

:painter: Tutorials for this week:

Isometric Tutorial by RHLPixels How to make a pixel house 2 by vanmall How to make a pixel tile by vanmall How to make a pixel chair by vanmall  Isometric Cylinder Walk-Through by InsidiousSys <da:thumb id="464592580"/>

Need more? Check out TutorialsForYou and TutorialsClub to find more tutorials!

Paper Boy...  How to join the challenge?

Your entry for week 62 can be added here: Link to current open gallery folder or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your entry to the right folder, thanks.

Please remember! If you send your entry via note, you have to accept the request that will be send from the group by the deadline, otherwise the deviation will not be considered as an entry!

Make sure you also link this challenge article in your deviation's description, so that we know that you have read our Group Rules.

First Prize Winner Prizes!

Voting winners:
1st place: 100 :points: from PixelChallenges
2nd place: 50 :points:from PixelChallenges
3rd place: 20 :points:from PixelChallenges

Cake badge to UszatyArbuz favorite isometric building
Cake badge to UszatyArbuz favorite isometric room

:bademoticon: Group News:

Share some love to our past week participants here !
Winners of week 61 will be announced soon!

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Have fun!


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Its pretty neat to see something of mine as inspiration.  :heart:  
I hope I can finish something in time, we'll see what happens.  :D