Pixel Challenge Week 59

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Hello and welcome to our 59th week! 

Easter Bunny Divider *Ani* - F2U by x-Skeletta-x
Before you join, please read our Rules to avoid confusion and any unpleasant situations!!

Clock Dates

Start: 7th March
End: 20th March
Winners announcement: 27th March
Voting: 20-26th March

Theme of this week: Happy Easter! 

Look, what we've got from Bunny! Awesome basket with....wait, but where are eggs? There just were here and....oh, no! We need your help, this week you need to make one egg and we'll put it to basket! :heart:
Easter baset base (not free to use!) by PixelFairyHome

Easter egg How to join?

There is 33 eggs for you in total. The eggs with odd numbers (1, 3, 5..) are pointing to the left, and eggs with even number (2, 4, 6..) are pointing to the right. Once you will chose your number, download one of these two templates, color the egg, and send it back to us in a group note!
even -> Even by PixelFairyHome    |     Odd by PixelFairyHome <- odd
Please read the Rules below to more details.

Bell Bullet *Animated* - F2U!  Rules: 

1. You can only choose one slot to decorate // One entry per participant.
2. Please comment below in contest info comments with your slot number. 
3. Don't forget to check which eggs has been taken first and then comment with yours. The list of participants is below.
4. If your favorite slot has been taken, we will give you another number.
5. If you don't care about choosing number, but want to participate, just write in comments "I want a surprise number" and we'll give you your number as soon as possible. 
6. Please send your entry using sta.sh (send a note to PixelChallenges with a link to the sta.sh). We'll add your entry as soon as possible! (Please note we're all working and don't have time to update the basket often) 
7. You can make only non-animated version of your entry.
8. Your entry can not have transparent parts.
9. You can only fill the given template, please don't go outside it.
10. When you submit your entry to your gallery folder, don't forget to add this link to the deviation's description.
11. We will put eggs on the basket, and once they have been placed on, we will submit the basket for everyone to see!
12. We have limited numbers for our basket, so hurry! 

More Rules: here

Love letter List of participants:

1. Chimezombie +
2. happy-gurl +
3. sonicspin3 +
4. MihneaSto +
5. gaiarbre +
6. Chipiy +
7. Miaosha +
8. ceresite +
9. Fluffy-Duveteux +
10. a-kid-at-heart +
11. DeathbyUFO +
12. ShiiNister  +
13. Blobosaur
14. AxxKat
15. EasternSeagull
16. Frozenmudcrab +
17. PoxiTox +
18. Loniface +
19. MsMellaa +
          20. Cortoony +
21. dimitryfelipe
22. kenlybop
23. Lizandre +
24. Prosthemadera +
25. Antivirals +
26. FloofFloof +
27. vegi92pixel +
28. Silvertail108 +
29. ehsan619 +
30. EnderNoviceDrea +
31. Lytschi
32. Ilari90 +
                34. BizmasterStudios +

Easter Egg by TheWyvernGuy Inspirations:

Easter Greetings by Naaya-Neko  Happy Easter ! by PiXelSam Easter by VintagedL0ve Easter Pixels by bluwings Easter Contest-Eggie2 by cardcaptor-eternity Easter Contest-Eggie by cardcaptor-eternityRoyal Easter Eggs Set 1 by nightmaresky Easter Bunny Divider *Ani* - F2U by x-Skeletta-x
The most fab Easter egg by AngHuiQing<da:thumb id="448915635"/> Free DAvatars Easter Egg 3 by kenlybop happy easter by vanil-a-a-a Whuddle World Easter Outfit by casey-lee Easter Pika by Bestary Easter Egg Divider - F2U by x-Skeletta-x Easter Bunny by mks8 Easter ice cream by ciara-cable Free DAvatars Easter Egg 2 by kenlybop
Happy Easter by X--O Easter Bunneh by roseminuet <da:thumb id="525422970"/> A Bold Egg by NakaseArt

:bademoticon:  Tutorials for this week:

Pixel By Number - Bunny - Easy by HeroVictimVillain Tutorial: Texture, texturing and shading by oni1ink Oatmeal Cookie Tutorial by JuicyZone Tutorial: How to draw Shiny Materials by oni1ink Orb Texture Practice by kheftel

Need more? Check out TutorialsForYouPixelcommunity and TutorialsClub to find more tutorials!

Your entries for week can be added here  or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your entry to right folder, thanks.

Present Peeker   Prizes!

10 :points: to each participant from PixelChallenges 

First place: 1 month Core from dAseniors 
Second place: 250 :points: from dAseniors
Third place: 100 :points: from dAseniors 
Honorable mention: 50 :points: from dAseniors 



Week 2

For everyone who didn't come in time and for everyone who decided to practice with Pixel Art (or just started to do it) 

  Even by PixelFairyHome    |      Odd by PixelFairyHome 


1. Choose an egg
2. Decorate it
3. Add link about this journal in deviation's description and mark "For gallery"
4. Send your egg to 59th week folder or send us a note with mark "Egg for week 59(2)"
5. You can make 2 entries, but you can win only once. 

We are also waiting ONE participant for our basket and eggs! Thank you! 


Admins Choice: 5 winners will get 10 :points: 
5 eggs will be featured in our Main Page in PixelChallenges from 27th March till 3th April 
Special prize from GeorgeXVII 50 :points: to lucky participant 
Our Team is thinking about one more prize, so stay tuned and go create! :eager: 


:santa:Group News:

Good Souls feature (February)
Choose your favorite entry from week 58 here: pixelchallenges.deviantart.com…

Have fun!

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:iconpixelchallenges: :icondaseniors: 

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