Pixel Challenge Week #50

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Hello and welcome to our 50th week!

Don't forget about our rules here.
Please make sure you also link this challenge article in your deviations notes section, so that we know that you have read through the rules.

Please continue to send in your Christmas Ornaments! They are due this Saturday, Dec, 19th, but in the mean time for those who either didn't get to participate or are already finished here is another two week challenge!

Clock Dates

Start: Today Dec. 15th
End: Extended til Monday Dec. 26th

Voting this week by Amarantheans

Theme of this week: Secret Santa (50x50 pixels)

This weeks challenge will be slightly different than our usual challenge. We are going to have a Secret Santa, but not in the traditional since, where you get assigned someone and have to make something for that person. Our Secret Santa will be more like... each deviation submitted to this weeks folder will be assigned a number and we will use a random number generator to choose the recipient. Our theme will be holiday oriented, anything pertaining to the holidays will be awesome!

For example: we have 3 entries, we will number them 1-3 as they come in. Each deviant will be listed and we will match them up randomly to a numbered deviation making sure that no one gets their own deviation.

So that no one feels cheated we will limit the canvas sizes to 50x50 pixels, no smaller and no larger please. For everyone participating please know that everyone here is on a different level, as we have some experts, remember we have beginners to. This event is for fun so lets keep it fun! La la la la

Failed idea Inspirations:

:painter: Tutorials for this week:

This journal has links to multiple tutorials:
PE: Pixel Art TutorialsSo you have discovered the wonderful world of pixel art and want to create your own :la:  But you don't know where to start or what techniques you might need to learn.  This article will give you some tips and tutorials to help you on your way.  Some links in this article do go off-site, as a warning.
Do I need a special program?
No!  Something as simple as Microsoft Paint, Paint Shop Pro or the Gimp, all of which are free, are all you need to start with pixel art.  Well, that and a mouse/touchpad (and a computer ;)).  Photoshop can be used to pixel as well, but it is costly, so unless you plan to use Photoshop for a multitude of digital media, it isn't the best investment for pixel art.
Free downloads of MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro can be found here: http://www.bunnystick.com/tdlc.html
What are some useful Pixel techniques?
When it comes to shading, both dithering and anti-aliasing (often called AA-ing) are your best
<da:thumb id="398721701"/><da:thumb id="436016273"/>  Pixel Art Tutorial - Basics for Beginners by Gasara  Pixel Art Tutorial - Animation for Beginners by Gasara  Sexy Hair Pixel Tutorial by billkaulitzluvergirl

Need more? Check out TutorialsForYou, Pixelcommunity and TutorialsClub to find more tutorials!

Your entries for week 50 can be added here: Link to current open gallery folder or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your entry to right folder, thanks.

Star! Prizes!

:bademoticon: Amarantheans will be giving prizes:
    100 :points: 1st Place
    50 :points: 2nd Place
    A feature for all participants OurDreamsWillCome
    A llama for all participants

Dragoninsky108 Story Commission

:bademoticon: Group News:

Share some love to our past week participants here: link

Check our last Donors feature here: link

News: We will be on holiday until the 4th of January! So we here at PixelChallenges wish you and yours Happy Holidays Omg I gets present by Droneguardand we hope your New Year is spectacular! :HappyNewYear: by MenInASuitcase

Have fun!


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