Pixel Challenge Week 17

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Thank you for participating in Pixel Challenge Week 16
This week OurDreamsWillCome will be co-hosting with us.
Don't forget about our rules here.
Please share some love to our past week participants:

<da:thumb id="514048880"/> PixelChallenge: Valentines Day Table by GoodThinker Valentines by Amarantheans I Heart You by SmoothMoney Love Potion #9 by Loniface<da:thumb id="513031870"/> Sleepy hearts by addyk2003
I Can See Us In Orbit Together (Animated) by MomentaryUnicorn Love Letter by LadyGlitch A Very Cheesy Valentine by HoneyDipply<da:thumb id="513625361"/> Gift and Pixel Challenge by Chipiy [Gift] + [Entry] Love is in the air by Himitsu-Sekai

Theme of this week: Pixel Crystals!

You need to make a pixel artwork to look like it is made of crystal. It can be as simple as a crystal gem, or crystal ball, or extravicant a crystal person or city, but you can only use pixels.  Use your imagination!
Deadline: February 21st


   Crystal Heart and Rose Pixel Divider by Nerdy-pixel-girl    Pixel Crystals by noleah   Silver Crystal Template by GoldenPhoenix89    Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine by Arrelline       Crystal by Notecja

Crystals by SugarTreats  Animated Pixel Green Crystals by szemi    crystals by yosuhara        Pixel Crystal Heart Bullet by Nerdy-pixel-girl    Spinning Crystal Pixel by CrystalCrowned      Crystals by Lee0z     Pixel Crystal Man Progress by yektuikuto Crystal Pendant by binoftrash

SSMU: Background Crystal by SSMU   Crystal mode on by Furipa93 Crystalmist City by ChibiWing Pixel - Crystal Clips Pack by firstfear


Gemstone Pixel Art Tutorial by supahbuttahtoast      Pixel Crystal Tutorial by Brahkest

Star!! You can also visit TutorialsForYouPixelcommunity and TutorialsClub and find more tutorials. /while we're adding more tutorials in our group/

Your entries for week 17,  you can add here: pixelchallenges.deviantart.com… or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your entry to right folder, thanks. Don't forget to add link to this journal in your deviation's description!

First Place: 100Points from PixelChallenges 
100Points from OurDreamsWillCome and a feature in our group.
Second Place: 50Points from OurDreamsWillCome and a feature in our group.
Third Place: Feature in OurDreamsWillCome 
Pixel from Candyfied (info here Cheap Point Commissions (closed)

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Hope it's not too late to add submissions. I added one a few minutes ago. :)