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Hello everyone! Welcome to the second Feature of PixelChallenges

We're hosting Manga and Anime Related II week alongside CRAnimeAndManga, and we decided to make a Chibi Feature! :heart: 

Pixel Commission for Tiapossible 9.24.13 by Lu-tan Pixel doll Kagamine Len by Suzumeny-chan<da:thumb id="349974960"/> DOLL-CE COM: Chisaki by hitogata Cherilyn Pixel page doll by koffeelam Freebie Preview~ by mintycatart pixel commission for draemt 2.29.14 by Lu-tan Clear by Lanahpyon
Pixel Titus by Suzumeny-chan Gift: Lee by hitogata DOLL-CE COM: kirana-chan by hitogata<da:thumb id="360713202"/><da:thumb id="310130247"/> Pixel for Moonless Midnight by Keimichi The Soothsayer by ERDJIE
Kiki by Gobl Pixel adoptable (CLOSED) by LittleRueKitty Oranssi-Rin-Mylyyy Chibi Pixel by RevPixy Pixel Chibi by madsketchbook<da:thumb id="316096134"/> Giftie for Mimru by fxpxy
Animated true final wadanohara pixel pagedoll by Lady-Bullfinch<da:thumb id="311056957"/> Chibistastic Pixel Kaviel by Yokufo Toki Contest by angelnablackrobe DOLL-CE COM: Kumohanabi by hitogata
pixel: com example by Mintini<da:thumb id="311425423"/> Full Bloom Butterfly by Nyanfood Sailor Moon (pixelfanart) by Meruiiart Pixel Yami by tokkisu Sailor Pixel Moon by Chikukko Shen Pixel Chibi by shortpencil
+ Com + Lune Pixel + by AngeKrystaleen C: Luna pixel by Hyanna-Natsu VolSa: Pixel Yulla by f-wd<da:thumb id="376138391"/> Pixel Kyori by KyouKaraa Marceline Pixel by Ettesore

Some of our members have done lovely artwork as well!

<da:thumb id="512190834"/> W a t e r   F a i r y by DangerouslySlowCat<da:thumb id="514048880"/> Pixel Challenges Week 14: Fairy by Shironaii<da:thumb id="510009077"/>
Pixel Challenges: Flowers by Shironaii This Game by Shironaii<da:thumb id="513625361"/><da:thumb id="510158678"/><da:thumb id="503490312"/>
Winter Wonderland by Sketchloid Sakura Miku Here~! by Hotaruin<da:thumb id="521241375"/>

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№1 - Valentines Feature

Share your love to our awesome artists and show your favorite Pixel Chibis in journal comments (3 is maximum)! At 31st March one random deviant will get 100 :points: from PixelChallenges! :heart: 


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iAmoret is our random winner! :heart: 100 :points: are yours! :love: