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Outset Island Custom Toon Link Amiibo



Yay, I finally got to do this one! ^-^ Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda game, so I knew I wanted to do a custom Toon Link eventually. Good thing they weren't as rare to find as I thought they might be :)

For this one, I decided to give myself the extra challenge and try to make him with his mirror shield as well. It was probably the most work I've done on one Amiibo before, but I think it was really worth it. I was also afraid that baking the Amiibo with the clay would melt the figure, so I decided to do something different. I had heard that you can cook polymer clay (super sculpey was the one I was using) with a heat gun, so I wanted to do that instead. The problem was, I didn't own one. So I used a hairdrier instead, and it worked absolutely perfect :D The figure did kinda get a little softer, but it regained it's stability once it cooled. I did a crapload of sanding and claywork on him too. I wanted the clay part of his hair and his bangs which were already there to look seamless, so I spent a lot of time on it.
Painting with yellow sucks :/ It's always the colour with the least opacity, unless you spend the money and get really good professional artist's quality acrylics. I have the lower quality canvas acrylics, so they can be a bit annoying to use. Though since I used canvas ones, I didn't need to varnish the figure at all. I like the matte effect that those paints have.

So, listen to me ramble on, lol. I was just so excited to work on this one, for so many reasons :D I think it's my favourite one so far too :)

I set up an listing for this little guy on my Etsy shop! You can find it here:…

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Absolutely one of the lovliest things ever <3 Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda game and this is just pure fan love! Thank you ^-^ amazing work!!