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Ice Kirby Custom Amiibo Figure



So I've been seeing so many cool custom Amiibo figures that people have been making lately, and it inspired me to make my own.

At first I wanted to do a villager one that looked like my own avatar from New Leaf, but of course those are all sold out everywhere, and I couldn't get my hands on one. Soo, my next choice was to customize a Kirby one. And Kirby is the one with the most options too imo, since you can make him into any of his smash transfomations, plus any of his recolours, or copy abilities from other games. I settled on Ice Kirby because he just looks really awesome, and because it's a bit more recognizable.

The figure is painted with craft acrylics, and sealed with a matte varnish, which turned out more glossy than I thought for some reason :/ The ice crown is made from Super Sculpey clay and is also painted with acrylics. I used a gloss varnish on the ice to make it more icy-looking and shiny.

Anyways, this little guy was really fun to make, and I really want to do more Amiibo in the near future. I can definetely do commissions too, if anyone is interested. Just send me a note :)

Edit: I now have a listing up in my Etsy shop for orders of this guy! You can find it here:…

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