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Hello Deviantart friends!

The company I work for has come up with an Art Contest. please check out the details below. It would be great if any of you can join! :)

Hello DeviantArtists,

XII Braves is proud to present the Valiant Force Hero Design Contest from June 01 till July 26, 2015!

We would love to have the awesome artwork from DeviantArt to be part of our Hero Design Contest. Challenge your potential to design a Hero that you have always dreamt of and XII Braves will help bring it to live as a playable Hero in Valiant Force!

That’s not all! There are amazing prizes to be won, such as cash prizes and tickets to the Singapore Toys, Games, and Comics Convention 2015. Other prizes include special feature in our art gallery and exclusive in-app rewards! Be sure to check it out at contest.playvaliantforce.com.

Non-artists do not fret! Support your favourite artists during the public voting period from July 21 until August 9, 2015. “Like” us on Facebook to stay informed of all the the exciting happenings at Valiant Force.

XII Braves is a mobile game developer staffed by talented veterans who have worked on previous AAA mobile games. Our first project is a tactics RPG named “Valiant Force” scheduled for release in Q4 2015. 


  1. 1st Winner: USD $1,000; Entry realized as top-tier hero card; and more 

  2. 2nd Winner: USD $500; Entry realized as top-tier hero card; and more  

  3. 3rd Winner: USD $300; Entry realized as top-tier hero card; and more 

  4. 4th/5th Winners: USD $100; and more

How to enter:

  1. Go to the contest website to learn more about the game and its heroes now.

  2. Design a hero that could exist in the Valiant Force universe.

  3. Submit your entry through the contest website.

  • You must be at least 13 years old.

  • Contest duration is from June 01 till July 26, 2015.

  • Your entry must be an original artwork that could exist in the Valiant Force universe.

  • Your entry must be accompanied by a brief description of your artistic direction/inspiration.

  • Your entry must be at least 2000 pixels in the shortest length, minimum of 72 dpi, in a single PNG file, and be no larger than 5MB.

Please refer to our contest website at contest.playvaliantforce.com for more details.
"Like" us at Valiant Force Facebook to stay updated on further developments of this contest.

Good luck to all entrants!

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1 min read
of constantly having to refresh your pages like 15 times. It's impossible for me to clear all my deviation notifications because I always end up just being able to view 10 deviations before the whole site starts lagging again. And I don't think it's my ISP. everything else on the page, loads. The thumbnails load. The Adverts load. It's just the actual deviation that doesn't load. I have no problems loading facebook, watching videos on youtube and going to other sites. It's only deviant art! I have to try and check back after a few minutes then I'd be able to open a few deviations again (about 20) before the whole thing chokes up again.

I'm sometimes tempted to delete my account out of sheer frustration. The only thing keeping me here is a sense of sentimental attachment and all the friends and artists that i follow here. Please DA, do something with your servers. fix this problem. Am I the only one having these issues?
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1 min read
Here's a stupid question...

How does a Deviation get more downloads than views? =P

I just find it odd that one of my Deviations has more downloads than views. I mean, don't you need to click on(view) a Deviation before can be able to download it?

As much as I love DA, the whole usability of this website really leaves a lot to be desired.
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1 min read
I got an email from the editor of cgsociety telling me that he liked my work that was featured in the latest issue of ImagineFX.

I was like Wha? I sent my stuff almost eight months ago and I never got a single email receipt let alone an email telling me that they're featuring my stuff in the Reader FXpose portion of their magazine.
So I went down to get a copy of the magazine expecting to see my stuff in one of the new artists featured there.

But I didn't expect this... bit.ly/etP4AW


This is probably the best surprise ever! This is definitely a dream come true for me! :D


Peace out! =p
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3 min read
I've been looking at other people on DA doing commission and I noticed that I might have pegged my commission prices on the high side. So I've given my commission prices some thought.

Here's the updated pricing:

Line Art Commissions – A4 size canvass on 300dpi
30USD for 1 character, 15USD per additional character. No Backgrounds.

Half to full body line art drawings of existing characters or characters created by client. Usually, I draw very rough character poses on paper then I draw tighter lines in Photoshop.

5 slots available.

Once I've started on a piece, line art commissions may take anywhere from 3 days to 1 week.

Full Color Commissions – A4 size canvass on 300dpi
80USD for 1 character, 40USD per additional character. With Simple Backgrounds. Elaborate backgrounds subject to different charging depending on complexity.

Half to full body digitally colored commissions of existing characters or characters created by client.

5 slots available

Full color commissions can take anywhere from 2 – 3 weeks.

Interested Parties should send me a note and specifications and I shall write your name down on the available slots. I will engage one client at a time, so please bear with me and I shall get to your request as soon as I can. But I will do reply to you right away to let you know where you are on the list. :)

Once we've agreed on the piece that you want done, I shall work on a very rough sketch for the pose and have it approved with you. After that I shall go ahead with the rough breakdowns of the line art. If you're happy with that, I shall request for a 50% downpayment via Paypal before I proceed to finish the line art. After which, I shall send you the final line art in a 600X800 JPEG. If you are happy with that, I shall request for the balance of the payment before I send you the Hi-res PSD file.

Process is similar with Full color commissions except that I shall give you a rough paint breakdowns to capture the mood lighting and color palette before I request for the 50% downpayment.

THANK YOU! :thanks:
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