Stupid Question.

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By pixelcharlie
Here's a stupid question...

How does a Deviation get more downloads than views? =P

I just find it odd that one of my Deviations has more downloads than views. I mean, don't you need to click on(view) a Deviation before can be able to download it?

As much as I love DA, the whole usability of this website really leaves a lot to be desired.
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I get more favs then comments.
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I have also one of those courious deviations ^^ (i got 294 views but fucking 9,550 Downloads(1,002 today) o.OO.o --> [link])
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They may have folloed a direct link, but nonetheless very strange :/
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Haha, a year old.. oh well =P
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I've got this really old 3d-pic of some 7.62 rounds on top of some scratched up metal.

Comments: 6
Favourites: 3 [who?]
Views: 5,487 (1 today)
Downloads: 180,099 (367 today)

Here's proof: [link]

No idea whats going on...
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PS this has been going on like this for months, if not years.
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Haha! That's just effed up! =P
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yeah, kinda. I think somebody must have posted the download link elsewhere on the internet. I don't believe in bugs that can simulate 200-500 downloads every day.
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Dhaha Deviantart is sometimes strange.
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I swear, this website can do so much more if they just fix it.
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I think sometimes Da gets numbers bugs.
Once I received +300 visits the first day I posted a silly text (and written in Italian); and considering that was about the same number as my watchers when I did it, it must have been a mistake for sure...
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I would think so too. But if it's a Bug, then it should resolve eventually. but this one has been liked this for months now. =P

Thanks for the comment though. :D
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Well, it's not a troublesome bug. probably they're giving priority to the ones deleting deviations from galleries and such stuff.

Np, anytime!
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