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By pixelcharlie
of constantly having to refresh your pages like 15 times. It's impossible for me to clear all my deviation notifications because I always end up just being able to view 10 deviations before the whole site starts lagging again. And I don't think it's my ISP. everything else on the page, loads. The thumbnails load. The Adverts load. It's just the actual deviation that doesn't load. I have no problems loading facebook, watching videos on youtube and going to other sites. It's only deviant art! I have to try and check back after a few minutes then I'd be able to open a few deviations again (about 20) before the whole thing chokes up again.

I'm sometimes tempted to delete my account out of sheer frustration. The only thing keeping me here is a sense of sentimental attachment and all the friends and artists that i follow here. Please DA, do something with your servers. fix this problem. Am I the only one having these issues?
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I had the issue a long time ago using Firefox. Now I use Opera for my dA machinations, since that is the only browser that doesn't have that problem for me. It's weird, and very annoying!
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It's so nice to hear from you again! I trust everything is fine and dandy on your side of the world? :)
I haven't been checking visiting DA because of this issue. I haven't been painting much also. Well, not painting personal stuff anyway :(
I use google chrome. what's a dA Machination?
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:D Sorry, with dA machinations I just meant logging into the website, uploading stuff etc. I'm not even sure it's an actual word, but it sounded fancy. ;)

Things are fine and dandy here, and I hope you can say the same? It's a shame you don't paint as much as you used to - I assume life got in the way? 
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Ahhh, hehe now i get it. =p

Yeah, I guess you can say life and my job got in the way of painting for my own personal pleasure.  I guess that's what happens when you do it everyday for a living. (though I don't really paint everyday, i mostly do user interface design for games) 

Hopefully all that is going to change this year. A lot of big changes coming. I'm excited. I'll let you know more once they are in motion :D
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Never had that issue man :/ Are you using Chrome?
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