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lonely wonder woman

I've been studying how to draw gorgeous women by looking at the works of Adam Hughes and Travis Charest. I'd say it helped me a lot especially when i was working on a female-assassin concept art for an upcoming mobile phone java game(see my avatar). I'd really love to post it here but i feel i can't until the game's out or at least after a press release or something. This wonder woman was done in pencils first then digitally colored using Photoshop 7. I think I'm more comfortable using photoshop than painter. Its more of my element, so to speak.
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Beatiful one of wonder woman here
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Very nice drawing and use of light and shadows. Great look of sadness on her face. [She wouldn't be lonely if she were mine!]
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Hehe Thanks so much.
I've been love with wonder woman since i was a kid. I had a big crush on Lynda Carter playing wonder woman as well.
You and me both, Charlie! Lynda Carter is still smoking and I still watch the WW TV series on DVD! Can't wait for the movie... if they ever make it.
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LOve your edge-lighting! Really nice work.
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Practice makes perfect.
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Thanks! Glad you like em. I still need a lot of work in light and shadows. :D
Lovely work very clean lean lines, actually reminds me very much of Phil Noto's work.

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thanks! I'm not familiar with Phil Noto's work though. :( Will research :)
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Hey everyone,
thanks for the kind words. I know I haven't been putting much on this site. That's all going to change. Now that I have a new pc, I am going to do more drawings and stuff and upload them here. thanks again!
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Ey! I Luv yer color work! Congrats! :clap:
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Wao!Nice your take on the Amazon Princess!
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this is beautiful
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im quite amazed that no one has commented yet to this fine art work. great drawing style..... a hint of travis charest juxtaposed with your own personal style. A real evolution from your Jim Lee-esque days huh!? I guess you've found your own niche.... travis charest-com-madoreira-com-capcom art really works for you! NICE! I really like the coloring style. And to think you did it all in adobe photoshop, as oppose to doing it in painter..... but you pulled it off quite amazing! Well it was probably the WACOM pentab that did all the work... nyeheehehe.
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