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Knock, Knock

By pixelcharlie
Here's a commission piece for Michael Ortiz. Armor design and concept is from him. I just tweaked the body armor and boots just a little bit. =P

I don't know yet if this is for a Graphic Novel that he's working on. But he allowed me to post it here on deviantart and my website.
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Great work my playa. :)
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Breaching, Breaching!
They look like Mandalorians from Star Wars.
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Pretty sweet boots! (The rest of the picture is awesome as well!) wonderful lighting effects.
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pretty much boba fett [link] but still good stuff
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This is awesome. Keep up the good work!
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Impressive work !!!
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wow, aside from it being awesome work, eerily similiar to a design i had in mind.
Go figure.
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Thank you :)

The design isn't really that super original :P
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"Knock knock musakura! Just kidding, I didn't knock."-Tobuscus
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love the shoes!!!
only the head looks a little small to me
great work nonetheless
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Thank you :)

Now that you mention it. Yeah, you're right. the helmet should be a little bigger considering there should be a head inside there =P
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very cool, the armour isn't very original its very starwars mandolorian, but as you say it's not your design. again very cool,
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Nice work - I love how you worked with the different light sources here to add more contrast to the figures. Looks like they're going to see some action! :D
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Thank you, Susanne! :)

Merry Christmas to you and your husband :D
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nice lightning and detailed armor :clap:
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