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Frost Dragon

My cousin asked me to paint a dragon for him to have it done as a tattoo on his shoulder. I'm bad at doing these things so I just told him I'll just make him one my own style. I have no idea how this will translate as a tattoo. :P
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Oh hey awesome dragon! I found this image on a Facebook page there's no link at all to your page, wondered if you were ok with that.…
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Hi! Sorry for the late reply. I was away from DA for like half a decade. Now I'm back. Thank you for policing on my behalf. you are awesome!
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I really love that dragon, Dragons have a special place in my heart, been dreaming I was one since I was little XD. Your drawing helped me in learning correct anatomy for dragon
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...harsh, cold, beautiful.
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want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool
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your work is featured in my blog here :)
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Can I use for my cover for my book?
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Which book is this? is it going to be published?
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its called the unearthly world. Its on DeviantArt if you want to read it and I don't know yet I want to but I don't know if its good enough to be published.
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Thank you for asking permission. yes, you may use it as cover as long as you credit me somewhere. Good luck! Cheers!
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Thank you! and I will! 
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Love it!!!Love Clap Heart Clap Clap Clap 
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bad ass dragon lvl 50
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wow i love it *O*  La la la la La la la la La la la la La la la la 
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This is really, extremely, super cool. :D
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AMAZING ! if you will sometimes want to make again a dragon you should do Smaug from Hobbit please :)
Hey! AWESOME photo... would you mind if I use this as a book cover photo for my book in wattpad? DON'T WORRY..... I'll give credits to you.. and btw... are you filipino?
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Hi, Sure! Thank you for your interest. Please make sure my complete name is credited in your book along with my website: Anton Gustilo (

Yes, I'm Pinoy :)
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