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Dragon Slaying...

20K Views a BOSS!

My entry to CGPINTOR's ARTJAM.

I noticed that I keep using the Good-vs-Evil, David-and-Goliath, Fire-vs-Ice theme. :P

I guess it never gets old on me.

Had fun doing this. I hope you guys like it.

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HammerinInkminer's avatar
...massive -- daunting.
LoudSilence217's avatar
Very Nice...Not much for dragons but you have won me over with this one. Great Job
falzelo's avatar
Wow this looks fierce
I love dragons too :D
Aiziku's avatar
This is so EPIC !!!
hungryKroxigor's avatar
I just love this picture and everything about it. Well done!
Mystalia's avatar
awesome theme, awesome dragon design, awesome execution of ideas. That's really all I can say O-o I'm used to going into lengthy conversation about pieces with their artists, but I'm afraid I can't find anything worth criticizing. it's just really good ^^ I especially love how the dragon fades in the light and brightness of the fire below, and stands out against the dark sky above. Nice contrast =)

I hope you don't mind the fact that I featured this in my journal ^^
pixelcharlie's avatar
Wow. you're too kind. Thank you so much! :thanks:
hof's avatar
i guy, like it.
John-Stone-Art's avatar
that dude hopefully will get cooked!! up with dragons!!!! haha

seriously though, really cool pic, love the lighting, i know how tricky it can be =)
EdDarkflame's avatar
I love the dragon! Although not so much the dragon slaying. Nice work!
KaanaMoonshadow's avatar
Nice dragon design, and once again good job with the lighting! :D
pixelcharlie's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
Nightblue-art's avatar
The style of this painting is full of charm, and the dragon head design is just awesome. I almost wish you didn't do the busy textures on the wings, and simplying the fire somewhat will help unify the style of the painting. Really great work!
pixelcharlie's avatar
I just checked out your gallery. wow, you are amazing! thank you for adding my work to your favorites! :thanks:
pixelcharlie's avatar
I know what you mean. I still have a lot to learn about incorporating textures and make sure they blend well. thanks for the input :)
Nightblue-art's avatar
Ditto! I'm still struggling with that myself, which is probably why I had to say it :) Keep up the awesome work!
iPodluigi505's avatar
"Thou shalt not pass!"

Truely a masterpiece!
pixelcharlie's avatar
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