We need your opinion! What themes would you like to see in future challenges most?
91 votes
Seasonal and Holiday themes - ex. Mother's Day, Valentines, Summer
Fan art themes - ex. Naruto, Lord of the Rings, Disney
Nature themes - ex. Roses, Penguins, Cat vs Dog
Object and Symbol themes - ex. Heart, Ice Cream, Crystals
"Art types" themes - ex. Manga, Still life, Portraits, Steam Punk
dA related themes - ex. LLamas, Page decorations, Fella
Pixel art improvement themes - ex. Palette challenge, Animation challenge, Isometric
Collaboration themes - creating one big art piece with artworks from members
Other - please comments with your ideas!

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all great ideas! :D would be happy to see an animation challenge since that's something i want to get better at