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~~Winners announcement~~
1st place  PCW #52: ice cream wins 100:points: from PixelChallenges
2nd place Big Tub of Icecream Pixel wins 50:points: from PixelChallenges

Screenshots from the closing:
Points should be given within one week from the PixelFairyHome account.

I personally (speaking not as an admin, but as a human being) am completely disgusted and stunned about the evident cheating action during the voting process. I would like to apologize to other participants for this situation and assure, that admins are going to work towards improving the group, including voting process, so everyone of you could feel safe and treated FAIR during our challenges. I'm sorry we put too much trust in all of the members. Our admin team really believed that members join the challenges to have fun and practice and not to milk out the points. Donors should be apologized too, because it's their graciously donated points.

As a re-compensation I'm going to give from my personal account 50 :points: to each remaining participant who didn't won either first or second place. I hope that this situation will not discourage you ALL from joining challenges, and most important, from practicing art! In the next few days you will be able to see on what stuff the group is going to work on :)

In conclusion:

chielo gets 100 points from PixelFairyHome
Nerdy-pixel-girl gets 50 points from PixelFairyHome
Disdainful-Loni gets 50 points from UszatyArbuz 
WaffleLady gets 50 points from UszatyArbuz
xoXLarissaXox gets 50 points from UszatyArbuz

Lastly, any reply under this comment undermining this decision and arguing with us will be marked as spam or ban will be given if needed.