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Before you join, please get to know with our Group Rules.

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If you feel generous, you can help the group by donating to our donation account: PixelFairyHome

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Affiliates are very welcome!
List of our affiliates can be found here.
While sending your affiliation request, please include a short description of your group and the reason why you want your group to be affiliated with us.

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiKGallery submissions
Everyone are welcome to submit five any kind of pixel art artworks per week to our Featured folder.

List of the gallery folders and their description, as well as submission limits for members, are available to read in Section 2. of our Rules and FAQ.

:snowflake: revamp by CookiemagiKTutorials
You can submit your tutorials to this folder.

ALL Rules and FAQ are avaiable to read HERE.

Most important Challenge Rules:
:bulletred: Pixel arts ONLY! Do not use automatic tools (e.g. gradients or anti-aliasing). When making your submission, only use the pencil/binary brush and other related tools.
:bulletred: Your entry must be new and created especially for the current challenge.
:bulletred: Don't use bases, trace or frankendoll your entries.
:bulletred: You can enter each challenge with only one entry.
:bulletred: Entry size should be 300 x 300 pixels or smaller. However, if you want to make a bigger image, you are welcome to do so.
:bulletred: No mature content work that is unsuitable for deviants under 18 to view.
:bulletyellow: To enter the challenge you can either submit the deviation directly to the proper group's gallery OR send a note to the group (in this case you need to accept the request that will be send to you from the group before the deadline!).
:bulletyellow: Make sure you link to our current week's journal in the deviation's description so that we know you've read and understood the rules!
:bulletblue: We encourage participation from all deviants, no matter what their skill level is in pixelling.
:bulletblue: Feel free to use any of the tutorials related to pixel art.
:bulletgreen: Be creative!
:bulletgreen: Your are allowed to use transparency and make animated artworks.
:bulletgreen: Feel free to invite your friends!

:star: You don't need to be a pixel master to create pixel scenes, objects or characters! We all make odd things at the start, so this will be a challenge for you - but why not try? :star:

Information about weeks

Closed Weeks with Themes:

Week1 - Pigs
Week2 - Ball, Square, Triangle
Week3 - Rainbows
Week4 - Pumpkins
Week5 - Bottles
Week6 - Flowers
Week7 - Trees
Week8 - Fruits
Week9 - Clouds
Week10 - Kitchen
Week11 - Holiday
Week12 - Chibis (Anime and Manga I)
Week13 - Bath
Week14 - Fairy
Week15 - Vegetables
Week16 - Valentines
Week17 - Crystals
Week18 - Pokemons
Week19 - Hair
Week20 - Awards
Week21 - Anime&Manga II
Week22 - Candy
Week23 - Easter
Week24 - Palette Challenge
Week25 - Spring
Week26 - Aqua Life
Week27 - Star Wars
Week28 - Animals
Week29 - Cinco de Mayo
Week30 - General Isometric
Week31 - Sun and Moon
Week32 - Front Page Decorations
Week33 - Pirates
Week34 - Romantic
Week35 - Hot drinks
Week36 - Palette Challenge II
Week37 - Food
Week38 - Penguins
Week39 - Monochrome
Week40 - My Room
Week41 - School
Week42 - Sprites
Week43 - Celebration
Week44 - Fall Pallete Challenge
Week45 - Halloween
Week46 - Old and New
Week47 - Snow Globes
Week48 - Backgrounds
Week49 - Decorating Pixel Tree
Week50 - Secret Santa
Week51 - Pixel Fairy
Week52 - Ice cream
Week53 - Llama Love
Week54 - Cats vs Dogs
Week55 - Harry Potter
Week56 - Marvels
Week57 - Steampunk
Week58 - Spring II
Week59 - Happy Easter!
Week60 - League of Legends
Week61 - Emoticons
Week62 - Isometric buildings and rooms
Week63 - Fruits vs Vegetables
Week64 - Palette challenge - Aircrafts
Week65 - Chef
Week66 - Watermelons
Week67 - Arctic fun
Week68 - Tiny Pixels
Week69 - Pixel Kids
Week70 - Summer drinks
Week71 - Lanterns and Tea Lights
Week72 - Rainbow II
Week73 - Tiny Pixels 50x50
Week74 - Birthday Cake
Week75 - Vintage
Week76 - Fella & LLama
Week77 - Sunglasses
Week78 - Seashells
Week79 - Palette Challenge V
Week80 - Fishing
Week81 - Cupcakes
Week82 - Pumpkins II
Week83 - Embracing animals
Week84 - Owls
Week85 - Ghosts
Week86 - Haunted House
Week87 - Cactus plant
Week88 - Dress-up challenge
Week89 - Christmas Wreath
Week90 - Clocks
Week91 - Winter Scene Collab!
Week92 - Freestyle
Week93 - Poisons
Week94 - Koi fish
Week95 - Cars
Week96 - Palette Challenge VI
Week97 - Sunny side up
Week98 - Valentine's Day
Week99 - Cake
Week100 - Starry Night
Week101 - Pizza
Week102 - Snails and Slugs
Week103 - Glass
Week104 - Aqua life II
Week105 - Silly Street Signs
Week106 - In the moonlight
Week107 - Good old times (Palette Challenge)
Week108 - Forest Spirit
Week109 - Dinosaurs
Week110 - Fireworks II

Current Week:

New challenge postponed until further notice. :heart:

Week 104 winners
Winners will be chosen by Arichy soon!

What's going on at our affiliates?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 24, 2017, 5:43 AM

snowflake Welcome new affiliates! The Blue Wave 

Thank you for affiliating! We are looking forward to support and work with you! Heart 

:iconall-about-features: :iconpixels-unlimited:

snowflake Affiliates News :newspaper: 

Here are news from our affiliates - group journals that are not older than two months, one journal per group.
If you'd like to feature certain news from your group, please note us (journal can be older than one month). If you don't want to be featured, please note us as well.

DA Starters 186-Sucinhcet9:bademoticon: Let's welcome another DA starter! I love deviantART!

Hi! Please introduce yourself?
What are your interests?
I like cats and videos.

How did you find Deviantart and how did you decide on your username?
I dunno and I help from my dad on making my username
How would you describe your art style?
It's so cute!
Could you tell us a bit about how you got involved with art and if you have any goals as an artist?
Drawing cats
We love fun facts - Do you have any for us?
Okay! snails have 2400 teeth
Thank you very much for the interview! Is there anything you’d like to say as we close up?
I like you! :D (Big Grin)

<da:thumb id="687997044"/> Welcome! (Updated 06/06/2018)(June 2018 update notes)
Hey! I know I've been hardly active but it seems this group has been doing pretty well managing itself. I promise I'll be more active! Here's a couple of changes to this group I'm currently in the process of making:
:bulletblue: I'm going to be a little more lax on what I allow in this group; I was honestly being a butthole about what I allowed in here in the past
:bulletblue: I've combined a few folders and will continue to do so. Hopefully this will make this submission process quicker and easier to understand in general.
:bulletblue: Also! If you have any suggestions, questions, or anything you'd like to contribute that might not fit into a category please let me know via comment here in this group or through note!
Thanks guys!
If a folder is full, please note me!
Welcome to our group! We have a few rules here.
:bulletred: Please submit to the correct folder! - Your deviation will be removed if it is
Dear members!I was terribly busy with my personal life, so i only saw some issues just now.
I see that some folders are full, but i dont have the ability to create new folders;;
so im not quite sure how to fix this issue.
maybe the new group thing will have to go through after all?
i would have liked to keep the current members and art!!
i'm going over to Pixel-Sanctuary now, and im going to create all of the same folders.
if you'd still like to submit and see more lovely pixel art,
or become more than a member to help out the group while the admins and i are busy/away, then head on over!
i can manage things more easily over there, that seems to be the best solution.
thank you for understanding!
M/A Repeating Contest: July 2017!June Contest Results

Runner Ups

July Contest
July Contest Theme: Life of an Artist
Their art room? Their outstanding life? Weird clothes? How do you image an artist life?
The deadline of the contest is JULY 31TH, 12:00AM (Pacific Time).Your entry must abide by DeviantArt's Terms of Service and Policies.Your entry must be new and created for this contest. Pre-existing works won't be accepted.Entries must be submitted to your DeviantArt Gallery.All entries must be drawn in Anime & Manga style.Entries must be original. Fan Art entries will be ineligible.No collaborations allowed. Merely because we can't split the prizes in this contest.Tracing, eye-balling or heavy-referencing from other artists works won't be allowed.You can only enter the challenge with one drawing.
Wishper Friendly BulletinGroup news
Welcome to Wishper Friendly Bulletin, which will replace both the former Weekend Fun and WishingWell Weekly!
TeaPhotography has new ideas for the WishingWell Weekly, and I will let her give you the news when it will be time. Lets only say for now that she is giving me the group news part since I already have the tools to easily feature them here.
Basically, the new journal is a cleaned up version of Weekend Fun with a new name. Since I am very busy and can not always make this journal on weekends, I thought a change of name would be nice. Also, I wanted to be more about the news and less about the randomness that "fun" implied. I hope it will still be fun to read though! And remember, Wishper is our mascot! As for the format, I wanted to be more interesting to read and more compact.
I hope you will like the new format!
Call for July birthdays
Tuesday Treats
Castle Winners
:iconcastle-of-cards: and :iconcastle-of-manips:

Guest Groups: Castle-of-Cards and Castle-of-Manips 
The Castle Groups each had a challenge and the results are in!
First Up: Castle-of-Cards Winners of the Mischief Circus:
"Twisty the Clown" by Renata-s-art

"Pop Goes the Weasel"" by PChesser 

Next, The Winners of "The Moon and Me" Challenge held by Castle-of-Manips 
"Rites of Spring" by StarsColdNight 

"Moon in Cancer" by Karyl-Delta 

"Shoot for the Moon" by SoulcolorsArt 

"It'll Steal Your Heart Tonight" by ShinyphotoArt 
Contest + Raffle winners!Killing two birds with one stone, in this journal I will be announcing a number of lucky winners!
Both the winners of the June 'Hobbies' Prompt / contest, as well as three lucky MYO Raffle winners~
I will start off with the raffle~ A huge 123 people took part, but only 3 can win!
Don't worry if you didn't luck out this time, because another one will be held in August.

First Prize
The winner of the top prize, an all-rare MYO slot goes to...
Entry number 36 - JadeyW
Second Prize
The winner of our first runner-up spot, an uncommon lockette MYO slot goes to...
Entry number 64 - SukiTanuki
Third Prize
The winner of our final runner-up prize, an all common MYO slot goes to...
Entry number 95 - AmbivalentAndroid
Huge congratulations you guys
Monthly Feature : JulyStarting up a monthly feature! These artists all deserve plenty of attention, so please go and give them a watch, fav, comment or llama.
Have a look at some of their amazing art here:
Ann-Shiki :iconAnn-Shiki:

CruzyGreentail :iconCruzyGreentail:

UltraGaylordPuzuzu :iconMiyoooh:

ZafiraStarlight :iconZafiraStarlight:
Purple Girly Kitty by ZafiraStarlight
Goodnight-Kimberly :iconGoodnight-Kimberly:
Scream by Goodnight-Kimberly Yuck by Goodnight-Kimberly Rainbow by Goodnight-Kimberly
Remiccino :iconKerocchi:
Hatsune Miku Tanabata 2017 by Remiccino Anniversary by Remiccino
Sui-sen :iconSui-sen:
Birthday present by Sui-sen Trapped by Sui-sen
Quantum-Artist :iconQuantum-Artist:
Summer Heat by Quantum-Artist Magic by Quantum-Artist Creating the Head of an Artificial Intelligence by Quantum-Artist
Hikaru-Uke97 :iconHikaru-Uke97:
:thumb690966004: :thumb689952713: :thumb689393583:
StettafireZero :iconStettaFireZero:
27/6/2017 - Day 178 by StettafireZero 26/7/2017 - Day 207 by StettafireZero
June Feature Part 2Hello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
Our monthly feature includes:
Part 1:
 Monthly theme participation
 Deviant of the month
 News and articles from our members and affiliates
Part 2:
 Monthly highlights
Now, let's begin!!!


Reflective Evening Sun by LS-1302
Morning Patrol by Bobbelebien
Of All Places by OneWithTheStars
MadLove by Dikshamanam
[Note] Submissions of 'resources'Please submit other resources such as photoshop actions, brushes, helpful templates such as blank references or 'fill-in-the-blanks,' etc to Favorites

snowflake Affiliates Masterlist :reading: remake 

Pixel art groups

:iconkawaii--pixels: :iconkawaiipixelcuteness:
:iconpixelbeats: :iconpixelgiri::iconpixels-pretty-please::iconpixels-unlimited:

Other groups

:icondaseniors: :icondawishingwell: :icondaydreamersrealm: :icondevnews:

warm pink star Do you want to affiliate? High Five 

PixelChallenges group welcomes affiliates with groups that are community oriented, pixel art oriented, and other one-media groups, as well as "special-themed" groups. While sending your affiliation request, please include a short description of your group and the reason why you want your group to be affiliated with us.

As an affiliate, we will try to help and support your group if you ask to, in any way. We also can advertise contests and other events that takes place in your group - just send us a note! Your group can also be a co-host of weekly challenges - just send us a note in this matter. For more info in this matter, check out section 3.6 of our Group Rules.

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