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entrance version three by pixelcatalyst entrance version three by pixelcatalyst
before there was there was
pixelworkz first. (more info about this thing in my
site teehee!)

anywayz... pixelworkz will turn two this 20th of may
and i decided to create a sort of thank-you wallpaper
for everyone who visited the site... and inspired me
to keep goin'...

this is one of them... a re-rendered version of entrance wall but in a different farther camera angle... i was doing more 3D stuffs then (experimenting with bryce) before i stumbled upon and started doing 2D.

along with this wall i have uploaded the 1280 version of iconosphere in my site ([link] + the green version of that anime remix 01 wall... if you have some time do check those walls in my site as well.

thanks... =) (Smile)
nothing much fancy about this piece... but it looks
good on your desktop.

happy weekend everyone!
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plushbabies Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005
crunch Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2002
thats cool
pixelhunter Featured By Owner May 23, 2001
this is great !!
i love it a lot !
really cool :D (Big Grin)

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itirep Featured By Owner May 21, 2001
very smooth calming wallpaper...the waterfall is exquisite...nice stuff!

ramdom Featured By Owner May 19, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
- cool and refreshing. i'd swim there...!
paroxysm Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
way to go man. never stop lovin' the pixel. cool contribution.

:: paroxysm ::
southern5footer Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
I likes..
its nice and soothing...
karnjerrylow Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
that is a great wall... I especially like the island thingy... great stuff the colors are awesome

: :
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baddelini Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
WOW! Nice. Is that bryce work I see? Awesome. I love the falling water, you did a fantastic job on it, the only thing that bothers me is... I can't think of anything that bothers me. Great piece!

teknoledge Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
really kewl :) (Smile)
i love a lot man!
great job!

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brazensix Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
Very nice. I really love the bright colours. The 3d work in my opinion is fantastic. I really like the overall piece. Great work.

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realitysquared Featured By Owner May 19, 2001  Hobbyist General Artist
A very nice idea, very tranquil and relaxing.

The image, however, does have many stereotypical "Bryce characteristics" for my tastes;

The floating island (symmetrical lattice) seems awkward and out of place from this camera angle, I would suggest moving it behind the waterfall off to the right side.

The waterfall itself is very well done, a difficult thing to successfully do using Bryce, but the surrounding stonework seems to have too many sharp corners and angles, ruining the "natural" look.

The stock textures themselves also look very out of place, I would suggest spending some time in the Deep Texture Editor- you may be able to make them more natural looking, or at the very least remove the "stock texture" feel.

All in all a good effort, but I feel that it could use some more attention.

barta Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
looks like Tahiti!!!
bimbi Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
sooooooo nice,smooth

phc Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
is this genesis, because it certainly isn't bryce :P (Razz) Anyhow i like everything about it except that symmetric thingy that looks odd, but i figure it's supposed to be there. The rocks are pretty choppy but that just adds more flavor to the piece.

Good job :) (Smile)

- the1
daewon Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
Very calimg indeed. great way to give something back to your visitors!

--- Sponsered by Daewon ---
xenotron Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
this reminds me of final fantasy 7..i dont know why

maybe its because they are both so cool...


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vm Featured By Owner May 19, 2001
tight job...very calming =D (Big Grin)

suggestion: add some white, small type at the left somewhere with a "Thank You" or something.. : )

virtual mirage : v2
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May 19, 2001
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