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Battlenoid GUI

Here is a project I worked on with a friend of mine Tony Konstant [link] I had so much fun working on this project and designing the GUI and doing the effects for explosions and power-ups, not sure if the game is going to see the light of day though, maybe one day!

GUI was designed using: Maya, and Photoshop

Game concept and Development: Tony Konstant [link]
GUI and graphic design: Oasim Karmieh [link]

[link] © 2009 All Rights Reserved Mousehog Games
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very nice, hope i can make like this :D
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Thank you, it;s not as hard as it looks.
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Hey Dude. Good job. I really like it. I have a team here of about 4 that are making an Online 3D Game. We need a few more artists and you look pretty good. For more info if your interested please post something on my Deviantart page or email us at (its volunteer work at the moment so you won't get paid until game publishment.

The VisionXtream Team
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Thanks a lot mate, really glad you like the design. unfortunately I'm pretty busy and I can't take on any volunteer work for now
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Thats fine thanks for the reply though!
Very Nice art ... I was wondering if you can register on my forum and Post some of your art inside the graphics showcase area of my forum. I really like your work
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Hell yeah - Launch it, otherwise my mum kills me. She love those games. :aww:
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thank you so much!
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nice, clear GUI
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its my pleasure!
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looks interesting, nice graphic, everything is clear..
great work
make sure to notify us if you guys launch it
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thank you so much so glad you like it :D I will def notify when and if they will launch it!
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cool, can´t wait to play it!
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ooooh awsome dude! Is the game out? i wanna see your work in action :D
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well I have the demo which was still a WIP but the developer didn't launch it so......
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Ah damn lol Well be sure to let me know when the game or demo comes out so i can try it out :). I studied Art and science of video games so i'm sorta excited for you haha lol :D
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yeah will def will!
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Nice GUI my friend , clear, concise easy to read , nice vibrant graphics too :)
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thank you so much mate, so glad you like it!
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