A late comeback.

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After the huge success of Otafest 2011, I took a sizable break. Maybe a little too long.

Ive made a few submissions, cool, but few.
I'm semi tempted to quit the medium, but I think that isnt what I feel. I feel I want to just stop making things that appeal to others and just make personaly projects and commissions from now on.

This weekend is Otafest Lite, and I'll make a more informed decision after that. Dont get me wrong, I love beading, I just dont know if I like pumping out as many as I do to make some money. I love the money, and can use it, but I'm sooo lazy.

What am i really trying to say? I dont know, but I aint done yet!
Expect more, I have plans for a few epic projects which I've already started on.
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