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Hello everyone! My name is Angela! I'm currently a college student majoring inart. I've been drawing ever since I was little, and I'm really excited to continue sharing my artistic journey with you all! Heart by maftie

I also am really into anime, cartoons, and video games. QuQ If you wanna discuss geeky things with me, I'm always up for it!!

I'm currently developing an original story called Tippi Twins. It basically follows two twin sisters who were born into a family of magicians. Circumstances at the time of their birth put their lives in danger. Their parents fled and went into hiding in the human world. However, they swore to not reveal their magical secrets until the girls were old enough to understand.

I do a lot of art of my characters, so you'll see them around frequently. Heart by maftie
Thanks for stopping by my page! :heart:

Find me places~

♥ Art from lovely people!♥

Angela by ArtsiePeach Tippi Twins by TheGreenCount [AT :] Andrew~ by peach-cream [AT] Tippi Twins: Melissa by JingerPink [Inktober] Day 10 by KiwiKuma (at) Lauren Lumiere by xXMewstepXx .:Art Trade:. Maybelle by rocky-kun Watercolory Halfbodies by Divine-Princess G: Melissa by SRealms spinnin all around now by windexter [Gift: ] Magical Girls~ by peach-cream Pixl Beauty by ArtsiePeach TT: Who goes there? by SRealms Tippi Twins by Cherryberrybonbon Gift: Angela by JocelynDraws jeez by TheGalaxyAlchemist Happy (Belated) Birthday, Angela! by KiwiKuma Claravale by SRealms Dominicus - AT with PixelatedFairy by Forev-Amore AT:Maybelle by WinteryGarnet Pixelated Fairy AT by Eternal-Apprentice AT: Angela dearest~ by doriandraws Huevember Day 27: Andrew Knight by SRealms Huevember Day 10: Angela Lumiere by SRealms Huevember Day 5: Stephen and unnamed cat by SRealms Huevember Day 18: Lauren Lumiere by SRealms P: PixelatedFairy by Cynamilk Thanks by WinteryGarnet Angela Holiday Icon by KiwiKuma C: Inktober by SpiderShii The Angies by Divine-Princess | *`~ | Melissa | ~`* | by mixjestiic {Art Trade} PixelatedFairy by sweet-Ouii C: Candy Corn by SRealms (AT) Angela by xXMewstepXx Inktober 04 by KiwiKuma Angela by Reminel Prize: Magical Boys U v U by Cherryberrybonbon .:Prize:. Fifi by PastelStarbombs Angela by PastelStarbombs [AT] Claravale by KiwiKuma [Giveaway Prize] Claravale by Divine-Princess G - Pink meets Blue and Blue meets Pink by Crash-the-Megaraptor G: Lauren by WinteryGarnet March Sketch Requests by Lumatora BD - Tippi Twins by Crash-the-Megaraptor Angela by PastelStarbombs [AT] Andrew by arkeis-forothers Kind Words Lead to Peaceful Dreams by Divine-Princess AT: Beeto by SRealms Headshot Comm for PixelatedFairy by Airillia Fifi by JanaMay TT Christmas Oneshot“I can’t stand it anymore,” Andrew rested his head in his hands, “It’s Christmas and we can’t even enjoy it. With so many people out there constantly on our backs how can we relax for one moment?”
“Andrew,” Angela frowned, “I know it’s scary but we can’t spend our lives in anticipation for what may happen. Can’t we just enjoy being here together now? Who cares where anybody is? They aren’t here.”
He sighed, “I suppose you have a point. It’s just, I can’t live my life like this. I can’t live in constant fear of something bad happening. I’ve already lost too many people in my life. I can’t stand to lose anyone else.”
She took his hands, “I can’t promise you won’t lose anybody else. We all lose people in life. I can promise however that I will be here for you as long as I can. Think about all of the people that are here for you? We will get
.:Gift:. Angela by rocky-kun Angela by MinaTheArtist Merry Christmas : PixelatedFairy! by SRealms Sketch Requests: Nov 2015 by Lumatora AT: PixelatedFairy by JocelynDraws Tippi Twins commission by The-Tabbycat-Witch Eurora and Kame by SRealms Claravale and Petra by SRealms commish: angela by WhiteWings .:Art Trade:. Lauren by rocky-kun CE: Who Said Pink was Not Powerful? by Eternal-Apprentice :CE: Berthold by KiwiKuma Lauren by revois Contest Entry: Angela by minigiraffe The Tippi Twins meet a Red Yarn Yoshi Family by Lioken7 Shall We Dance?- for Angelwing8's contest by Forev-Amore Angela by DerpInc Con - Sound of the Sea by Crash-the-Megaraptor Claravale and Stephen by SRealms Tippi Knights by LittleMuh AT: AngelWing8 by Hoshimeii Art Trade: Angelwing8 by Xeyonic :AT: Andrew by KiwiKuma Contest Mini Prize: Mahou Shounen by Divine-Princess Art trade by KentChan .:pc:It's a kind of MaGiC:. by FedeEvilQueen Andrew by UuuuwwwwuuuU [PC]: Tippi Twins! by WingedPPG PC: You Ready for this, Bro? by Eternal-Apprentice Lauren and Stephen REQUEST by Mrevilcookiezz Haapy (belated) Birthday, Angela! by KiwiKuma AT: Angela by KatiaSunna Angela by piipoisan Christmas Giveaway 17: Angelwing8 by Divine-Princess CG: Angelwing8 by SRealms Angel's Wings -- Secret Santa by Skystalker C: for Galacticity by IncarnateIvazel AT - Angelwing8 by syetlu Prize: Angela by Cherryberrybonbon AT: Sailor TT by SRealms Commission for Angelwing8 by isparklehearts -Commission- Angela and Lauren by SuperErikaStar C: Splash Page by SRealms:thumb480136459: PC: Lauren by SRealms PC: Angela by SRealms Far Away by SRealms :AT: Stephen by KiwiKuma R: Maybelle and Beeto by Celtyfoof AT - angelwing8 by iPPG Wings of Another Color: Chapter 1                                Chapter 1
Power, the very thing that builds societies and makes them come crashing down. It leads good people down dark paths. Dimentio sat in his palace atop an obsidian throne hands folded and arms crossed. His yellow eye glinted in the pale light of the moon shining through the towering windows on the surrounding walls as he stared at his reflection in the marble floor. He uncrossed his arms and lifting himself out of the throne paced across the room. He had been planning this heist for months ever since he stumbled upon a quite intriguing dimension. A dull, low throb sounded through the halls. It was the talk clock tower at the heart of the castle sounding that it was midnight.
"It is midnight," He grinned. With a snap of his gloved fingers lights and shapes contorted around his body until he materialized in a lush forest. The wind blew cool and lightly as he brushed hims
Claravale by SRealms Com: Angelwing8 by aiyoruu Characters by LittleMuh Belated Birthday 11:23  
"Still nothing," she muttered looking left and right every few moments as if expecting something to happen. The cool air of winter still lingered as spring was forcing its way in. The little train station remained empty with nobody but a young girl sitting on a worn out, wooden bench. She kicked her feet playfully and fiddled with her fingers finding herself in a monotous pattern of left, right, left, right.
Her train would be arriving in approximately six minutes. Her face grew anxious as she tucked the loose strands of hair behind her ears and continued looking around. Standing up, she pulled her white jacket tighter around her body. The train could arrive theoretically at any moment. The young girl gingerly stuck her hand into her pocket and pulled out the two wispy train tickets.
"Andrew," she muttered, "Where are you?" She began to pace along the side of the track wondering what could have happened to him. Andrew had been so busy for the p
PC: On Top of the World by SRealms Tea Party by SRealms C: FrostThe world seemed as if it slowed down. The busy days turned to lazy days as the fall transitioned to winter. Families and people all locked up within their houses to escape from the bitterness of the cold as they delighted in time by the fires for warmth. The flurries fell over the village sweeping through the air on the whim of the breeze. Barely sticking to the cooling ground they disappeared just as quickly as they came. Within the brick cottage up on the hill lived a small family but despite their simplicity there was ever something extraordinary about them. Bearers to the Light and Dark Kingdoms, the Tipping family lived secluded from all those that could be a danger to them.
"Lauren, look it's snowing!" Angela peered out the window of their shared bedroom. Her green eyes sparkled at the first snow of winter as she ran from the window towards their closet. Lauren just grunted and turned over in her bed pulling the covers even further over her body. Shortly after Angela exited the
PC: A Loss by SRealms Lauren by LunaeZomi Angela Pixl for Angelwing8 by Louivi Us Against The World by MeganDoodles A Whole New World by SRealms PC: AngelWing8 by LittleOvertures Lauren Tipping by SmatyPanty Merry Andrew Christmas by SRealms Holiday Sketch Request: Andrew by KiwiKuma Lighting up the Dark by SRealms Art Trade: Lauren by aiyoruu PC: Realistic Andrew by SRealms AT: Desu Fifi by SRealms Beeto Angelwing8 by SailorSunPhoenix You crazy kids and your romance. by Quartette Angela Art Trade! uwu by Candyholic97 :PC: Lauren Icon by KiwiKuma Marker Doodles by SRealms Angela~ Art Trade with Angelwing8! by Sashasky98 Sketch Request: Angela by LunaeZomi ::PC:: For Angie by MeganDoodles Commission: Andrew by firlinaruning Andrew by sheryu For Angel    The last leaf of fall fluttered down from the big oak tree in the Tipping's front yard. Angela was in her bedroom, smoothing out the ruffles in her coat as she got ready for the first day of Tippington's Fall Carnival. Smiling at her outfit, Angela put on her scarf and mittens hurrying down to the kitchen where Lauren sat pulling on her boots.
    "What's for breakfast," Angela asked as she sat at the table, "I didn't smell anything burnt, so I'm betting it's good."
    "Well," started Lauren, "dad left his doughnuts on the counter. We aren't allowed to touch them though." She started laughing not even being able to take herself seriously, "I already had three." Angela giggled and helped herself to the box of her father's sweets, the two twins just waiting for the boys to arrive to pick them up.
    "Aren't you excited?" The pink clad twin asked as she poured a glass of milk.
    Lauren shrugged, "The Carnival is always a dud, so unless they make it five times more cool it's pretty
:AT: Lauren by KiwiKuma Couples~ by SRealms Fifi Trade by LittleMuh Andrewla A Sweet Sixteen"Angela, where are my black boots?" Lauren called from the closet mid change.
Angela tossed a dress onto her bed while responding, "Which ones?"
"The high brown ones, with the cute straps," said Lauren behind the muffling of her tossing a dress over her head. Angela walked around the room, her feet making slight noises against the wooden floor. A horrible smell wafted up the stairs making Angela crinkle her nose.
"Mom's baking the cake," said Angela with disgust as she covered her face.
Lauren laughed, "Can't get any worse than last year, but where are my boots?"
Angela thought and then looked under the bed saying, "They're under your bed." Lauren exited the closet wearing a new dress while tossing her usual outfit into the hamper. She was wearing a midnight blue gown that reached just above her knees, the bottom flaring out as she spun before her twin sister. The bottom half flounced out past her waist and sparkled in the light like the stars at dusk. Angela giggled as she reached und
request- Tippi Twins by reeba02 PC: Tippi Triplets by SRealms Fifi arttradee by Mindy-cupcake Angela Doodle by PieceOfKawaiiPie Angela Poster Doodle by Celtyfoof AT: Faster!! by DimmyTheDusthatter :AT: Andrew and Angela by GamerPrincess42 Angela Tipping by LittleMuh Andrew by Celtyfoof Commission: Stephla and Andrewla by SRealms Art trade to Angelwing8 by Blazing0Pixel Stephla by Celtyfoof Happy (Belated) Birthday Angel!!!The sun was perched high up in the sky above the beautiful town with not a single cloud present. Twas the perfect spring day. Children could be heard playing in the park, and music from the theater. It was early in the morning, a day that was most important. A young woman, about twenty-three sat perched in front of her mirror. Looking at her reflection, she pulled on the two satin gloves that had been her mother's when she was wed. Her hair fell gently against her back, pulled back with her typical pink bow, eyes glittering with warmth. Standing up she spun around to face her sister.
"I can't believe it," She sighed with contentment.
Her  sister, Lauren smiled as she tied the bow in the back of the bride's dress and said, "I can't believe it either... anyone would be crazy to marry you." Angela playfully whacked her sister on the arm with her pocketbook. Both of them giggling, started to make faces in the mirror.
"It's almost time," Chimed a cheerful woman from the door. Her hair
TT Poster by SRealms Love, Is Greater Than Evil by Celtyfoof Lauren Tipping! by Candyholic97 Happy Birthday Angelwing8 by KiwiKuma Happy Birthday Angelwing8! by SRealms Art Trade Angel by Celtyfoof :PC: Lauren Tipping marker drawing by GamerPrincess42 The Group ProjectIt was a normal day so far in Tippington's only middle school, until the social studies teacher had an idea. He had decided it would be a good idea to imitate a project the students would work on in groups if two. He also didn't want the hassle of everyone trying to pick their own partners, so he had pre-chosen them. When Angela, Andrew, Lauren, Stephen, and Rani heard about this, they weren't worried about their partners because it was likely the teacher would place them with one of their friends.
What they didn't know was the teacher was planning on placing them with someone whom they didn't like so they'd learn cooperation. Angela was paired with Kirby, Andrew's worst enemy. And Andrew was paired with Gabe, the most annoying partner to exist. None of the friends got paired together and were astonished. Andrew felt particularly angry at the teacher for pairing Angela-his one love-with that crazy kid who had a crush on her! After school, Andrew made a point of pulling Kirby to the sid
Protect Mode by VioletWilliams Art Trade: Angela and Andrew by PaperLillie More Angela X3 by Celtyfoof FAG: Angela for Angelwing8 by SashaStub Angela Tipping(colored) by Celtyfoof Lauren New Look For Contest :) by Celtyfoof AT: Angela by Cherryberrybonbon :PC: Angela by klilia :AT: Angela by KiwiKuma Trade--Angela (for Angelwing8) by SapphireStorm97 Andrewla One-Shot    It was the third day of the first month as flurries gently cascaded onto the pure white canvas that was the ground. The sun was hidden behind the clouds as a young girl walked through the meadow leaving tracks as she walked. Her brown hair was tucked into her scarf which covered half of her face to avoid the piercing wind whipping the trees around her. A bench sat just yards away. Alone, and empty it was covered in snow. Brushing the seat off to reveal the rough, reddish wood the young girl sat down. She stared out towards the horizon as if anticipating something that wouldn't come. Nothing but trees and a white expanse surrounded her. She sighed as she began to hum a low love song while watching the clouds slowly dance across the day sky. It was closing in on midday as the young teen sighed, her twin sister was supposed to meet her.
    "Lauren..." The girl mumbled under her breath, "Where are you?" For the next hour no movement was seen other than the dust lik
TRADE: The Tippi Twins by Kay-double-O-Zii Request: Rani by SRealms Angela x Andrew by LillianAStorm Art Trade: Tippi Twins by SRealms Art Trade: Stephen by PrincessSkykes Ren by winxaegyo Angela by winxaegyo Gift_Angela and Andrew by Chivi-chivik Thank you AngelWing8 :D by Celtyfoof Follow your dreams, Angela! by FefeKik Paper Angela by Cross-Cresent-Creed Paper Lauren by Cross-Cresent-Creed AngelWing8's request!! by Very-Awkward-Turtle8 Angela Tipping :D by Celtyfoof

By Cherryberrybonbon

Heart by maftieThe Cyakdrew Trio Heart by maftie
FREE flying hearts Icon by DreamON-Mpak:iconwinterygarnet::iconpixelatedfairy::iconsrealms: FREE flying hearts Icon by DreamON-Mpak
Heart by maftie Buddy 'o pals~ Heart by maftie

Would any of you be interested to see any of my work I've been doing for art college? ; O ; Wouldn't be like my normal uploads but.. 

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