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I'm so busy right now with real life stuff as I was before, and it's no longer summer vacation either, so if the commissions are taking a while, I seriously apologize. I'm really sorry & I promise that I will be working on them during any free time I have. Commissions are closed for now until I can finish an amount of the ones I currently have.
Commissions should be done soon! I've been on a hiatus but that didn't stop me from working on commissions now and then ;)
Wow, I come back to DeviantArt after a short hiatus only to notice that I got a warning from DA :( I don't know if the message was automatic or not but I'm really upset now. Someone seriously reported me for trading points for cash. 


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Call me Heart | She/her | Pixel artist

Hi! Thank you for stopping by <3 I don't have much to add here, but if anyone wants to talk then feel free to leave a comment on my page!
note: if you already commissioned me prior to this journal, then the old commission info still applies to you. 
Hi! I was recently scammed out of a big amount of points, and I'm hoping I could make it up by re-opening commissions, I'm doing this because I realized that despite all the of commissions I've made, the amount of points I was making really wasn't fair compared to the amount I spend, and I'm also hoping I can get the amount I used to have before getting scammed!

So here are the examples and prices!


F2U Bunny Divider by pixelated-hearts
F2U Mushroom Divider by pixelated-hearts
C: Roses Divider by pixelated-hearts
C: Log/Flower by pixelated-hearts


Characters: 1.00$ or 100
Nature/objects/etc: 1.00$ or 70
Animation under 4 frames is free! If you want 4+ frames, we can discuss the price, don't worry though it won't be too much at all!

Tiny pixels:
Tiny Donut Pixel - F2U by pixelated-hearts Tiny Bunny Pixel - F2U by pixelated-hearts C: Flame by pixelated-hearts C: Chai tea cup by pixelated-hearts Tiny Milkshake Pixel - F2U by pixelated-hearts

characters: 1.00$ 
Nature/objects/etc: 1.00$
Animation under 4 frames is free! If you want 4+ frames, we can discuss the price, don't worry though it won't be too much at all!

Update: Hi, I recently was reported for trading points to cash (it's unfair, I know.) and due to that, I cannot be sent points :( So you can only pay me with paypal. If you already gave me points for a commission, I'll still do it as it isn't fair not to, but I won't accept points anymore as I cannot receive it, I'm sorry <3

please tell me if you're paying with paypal or points! looking forward to working on people's requests!


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pixelated-hearts Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2018
what? of course not! how would you even come up with that, check my gallery, I have finished many paid commissions and I've made a journal WARNING people about a scammer.
LunaHazee Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
Thank you for watching me pink heart {big} 
pixelated-hearts Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018
You're welcome! Thank you for watching me too Heart Heart Heart 
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