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Long time no see, people.

Atm this group have only one active administrator, and this is kinda difficult to working on the group content this way.
So the group looking for a few contributors.


At first, who is "contributor"?
Contributor is the group administrator who searches for new content for the group and may be helps other administrators with voting.

How much contributors needs this group?
I think that 3 - 5 would be enough this time.

How to become a cotributor?
If you want to join the team, please read below and just leave a comment on this blog entry!

- The group has decent quality standarts. Contributors should know the difference between classic pixel art and a sketch made with ms paint brush.

Image filters (such as blurring or alpha-blending) or tools with automatic anti-aliasing are considered not valid tools for pixel art, as such tools calculate new pixel values automatically, contrasting with the precise manual arrangement of pixels associated with pixel art. - (c) wiki

- As about animation, it also should be done neatly and timing should be set properly.

- Contributors will receive up to 20 submission entries per day, it's okay to make your decision without opening an original deviation, sometimes it's enough just to look at previews in your submission list. But, be careful, sometimes it isn't. Please take a bit more time if you aren't sure, check out the full artwork, sometimes the preview is a lie. ;Р

- General proper anatomy and colors are important too, of course.

- A contributor should be an active DA user, who comes here at least one time per 1-3 days.

- Last but not least, to check out your taste in pixel art, when you decide to comment here, please link 3-5 examples of good pixel art (own artworks are counted too), as you see it.
Please do not use our group's folders to point out some examples


All new contributors will starting with probation period, when they will have to look for the pictures for this group, but will not be able to vote for the artworks. Probation period will last for a month, and after this contributors, who will finding during this period enough quality artworks for our group, will receive rights to voting for the artworks.

More Journal Entries


Join requests are automatically approved. Welcome!

Group has some quality standarts. It's not too high, but please remember, your submission may be declined by some reasons.
Please notice: we can decline your work without explanation. Please don't ask about it. All "WHY U DECLINED MY WORK?" question into group and admin notes will be ignored
Here is one and only reason of declining: deviation doesn't fit group's quality standarts (i.e. accuracy (neatness), nice colors, basic anatomy). In this way, all you can do is try to submit another deviation, or look for some good tutorials and edit your pixels, make it better.

:bulletgreen: We accept all kinds of pixel art, with quality level from middle to high.
:bulletgreen: Submission limit is 2 per day.
:bulletgreen: We accept only the artworks with classical pixel shading like this or this or with flat colors(w/o shading)

:bulletred: No WIPs.
:bulletred: No neon toxic colors.
:bulletred: No uncroped canvases. If the picture occupies less than 80% of the canvas space, the deviation will be declined.
:bulletred: No unreasonably increased pictures. If the zoom is not necessary to see the picture details, your deviation will be declined.
:bulletred: We don't accept traced, copied, rendered and made from a base pixels. Bases also will be declined. Bases mostly are art thievery. Please respect other artists' work.
---note about bases: we mean bases that made from someone else's artwork. Your own base-made DOLLS (finished artworks, not bases itself), if you made its base from zero without any "references", i.e. it's only YOUR work, of course it allowed here. This rule works only if you made a base for your OWN purposes and haven't permitted other people to use it.---
:bulletred: We don't accept ponys (MLP). Sorry for this stupid rule, but we admins have some opinion about it. It's too overflowed here on DA and people are tired from it.
But you can submit MLP's gijinka (human form), we haven't anything against it.xD
:bulletred: If the work has been declined once, please don't try to submit it again.
:bulletred: Any advertisement in our group is pre-moderated. Before spamming our profile with your messages, let it be commission info, search for co-artists for a project or whatever, please send us a note with your ad text. We'll accept and let you post it if it fits our [pixel] group subject. If it isn't pixel-related or posted on the profile without mods' notification, it would be removed.

All types of questions (about art standarts or anything else, excluding the "why-my-work-was-been-declined-question") must be sent into Group Notes or to admins' notes. If you'll flood the group's profile with "WHY U NO ACCEPT ME?!", your messages will be hidden without answering.




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