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Metroid Varia Suit 3

Photo by Carl Oscar Aaro ^-^
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what materials did you use to make it? 
Anime19's avatar
That's brilliant and incredibly detailed!
taytaym2's avatar
I was wondering how did u manage to put the shoulder balls on?
auress's avatar
you look amazing
Rootay's avatar
This is absolutely amazing!
selie's avatar
Your costumes are so, so, so amazing. This photo is fantastic, too!

I was actually inspired by your old Varia Suit to make my own (although mine doesn't look as nice as yours). I combined the "how to" on your website for the new suits with some of what I saw in your old suit, then simplified it... but it was very nice to have the step by step guide of sorts! You're brilliant.
SwedenTheHedgehog's avatar
Sjukt imponerande ^^
BadassSheik92's avatar
DAMN good job on the costume! :D
ShortCatt's avatar
That's awesome! It glows for reals?
Aldark's avatar
I love the fact that even the inside of the mask lights up, like it should. =D
Aldark's avatar
wow. very much the best suit ive seen. ever. O.o
michaelgabrielr's avatar
This is simply amazing! :o
Arguably one of the best Samus cosplays I've ever seen.
Does it need much batteries? :D
pixel-ninja's avatar
Thanks! ^-^
It's powered by 20 AA batteries
KaizokuShojo's avatar
That's Incredible. Much applause and cheers.
Alisaihin's avatar
Whoa, that is awesome! I thought, as someone said earlier, a 3-D model or something!

Very impressive work!
Twisted4000's avatar
Woah that looks pretty good, for a second I thought this was like a 3D model or something, very nice!
Luanny's avatar
That suit doesn't look comfortable.
CyberExedra's avatar
dam could be on a movie O_O
TarodZ's avatar
This is the best samus cosplay i have ever seen on my entire life.
BlueEyedBeast0425's avatar
Best Samus I've seen yet :meow:
Kronos2501's avatar
This is great! I swear to god,it's Samus! Excellent costume you made here.

I like the detail you put into this outfit; Varia Suits are tricky to build, but you pulled it off awesomely.
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