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Hello everyone. On the Pixel-Dorks discord server, I've opened up mod/GA applications. If you're interested, head over to the server and DM me if you'd like to apply. Anyone who isn't currently active on the server will be subject to some questioning, and that's all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Here is a link to the server if you haven't joined yet:
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Purplish Blue Elf by the-Jude
Nightwing Commission by Miss-Callie-Rose
Lamp Post by ZallCaTor
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Snowflake Pixel GIF by Saezenza
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Sparkling Comment --Icon-- by PocketPixel1
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Makeup Icons 02 by LePixelists
Makeup Icons 01 by LePixelists
RPG Icons: Electric Rod Showcase by LePixelists
RPG Icons: Rifle Skills Showcase by LePixelists
Base Art N' Pixel Dolls
RPG Maker Battler - Wiseman by LePixelists
For Axxkat by BellaTheGod

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The Gang's All Here by BellaTheGod
$5/500PT BASE - shaped like a friend by SqdPxl
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Animation Tutorial - Fireworks by SadfaceRL
Simple Grass Tutorial by SadfaceRL
Rock, Colour, Form and Depth - The Guide by SadfaceRL
Step by Step Tutorial - Magical Orbs by SadfaceRL
Original Character FULL
RPG Maker Battler - Slime Knight by LePixelists
Final Fantasy Custom Charsets by LePixelists
Rpg Maker 2003 BattleCharSet - Main Character by LePixelists
RpgVX custom char 01 by LePixelists
Meme Approved gif by JamesTDG
Pandemic TCW Obi-Wan Suit JTDG by JamesTDG
Techno Knight - Shovel Knight style by JamesTDG
Life in a pixelated pandemic by JamesTDG
Animal Nature
Flower Sunset by SadfaceRL
Ghoti by WilsonScarloxy
Octobit - #4 - Deep in the Woods by GSavonitti
Octobit - #3 - Ancient Tree by GSavonitti
RPG Skill Icons: Sword Skills Showcase by LePixelists
5-Set of Seamless Tiles for Walls or Floors by LePixelists
Intoxication Meter - Pixel UI by LePixelists
RPG Maker MV Icon Set 01 by LePixelists
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[Paladins Avatar Contest] Strix A, B or C? by Sitopan
Dragon Quest Inspired 8-Bit Tileset by LePixelists
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DeviantArt User Icon - Singing Girl by LePixelists
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[COMMISSION] lonely-kaijuu by kicked-in-teeth
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Messenger Fox by vertibirdo
Base Art 2
PTU | Micro Pixel Doll Base by tinyroboboy
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Stone block texture study by Glirdan
Orginal Characters 2 FULL
Rainy weather by Fucal
Fanart 2 FULL
My Son (Danganronpa) by dreamcastian-turnip
Animal Nature 2
Icon commission // Cxstedshadow by PurpleFoxKinz
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Somber Swan by MirruTatep
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AnimalCrossing/Ketchup's room by chansui
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Avatar Double Face by TatusComm
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Sherbet cutie by PurrstelsPixels
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Mayron's Cartoon Spin 1 by MateusCarvalho564
Pixel Avatars 4
Pixel Commission 21 by mariam246810
Fanart 3
Static (Earth 12) by LoganWaynee
Base Art N' Pixel Dolls 2
[ OC ] Vallen by The-ArtMonster


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weirdo39 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
- commission open
commission open\sorry my bad english by weirdo39  
astralchrono Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
whoa over 12k members, HI EVERYONE!!!
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DinoAdoptable Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2020  New Deviant  Digital Artist
CrimsonVampiress Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2020  Hobbyist Photographer
Hello everyone! 
I am looking for some pixel page dolls to pretty up my profile 
The main characters I am set to be ordering will be listed below:

1: Laura Connel 
Vampire Knight OC 
Reference:   VAMPIRE KNIGHT OC:  Laura Connel by CrimsonVampiress

Yin Taiyo and Yang Tsuki
Vampire Knight OCs 

References:   VK OCs : Yin Taiyo and Yang Tsuki by CrimsonVampiress
Ball Gowns:  Yin And Yang - REQUEST by SUPscrub

I can only pay via Deviant Points. ^^ 
Hope all are doing well. 
96erickamatoshi69 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2020  Student Digital Artist
this is a text technically: 

Viboraa by 96erickamatoshi69
KittKattX Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Something I recently made, still working on improving my art but, it's pretty! 

Pixil-frame-1 by KittKattX   
MestrePixelado Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If anyone need dbz sprites and if you like my art then call me on discord(MestrePixelado#2768), the price will be decided during our chat. I only accept Paypal payment.
LilPinkDemon Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I misplaced my art on this group and don't know how to remove it now, thank you in advance!
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TinyMamaFox Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
ivyiix Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
goofyWillBeatUrass Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2020
Hey guys new on this platform, so idk anything. I just wanna get some feedback on my art, I posted only one on my profile so far,cause i wanna try out how the platform works before going all in. Any help advice welcome!
PixArts504 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2020
Hello i'm new here
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