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We hope this page provides a source of good Pixel art for your viewing. The folder Pokemon Templates… is extremely useful for you Pixel artists out there so definitely stop by and have a look.



:damphyr:1 Be polite and friendly to other deviants-
No hate on other peoples artworks! This is simple enough- treat people only how you would wish to be treated. I know hate isn't often seen on dA, but I thought I'd say it anyway.

:damphyr:2 Please submit only pixel art related artworks-
So no standard drawings, or sketches or anything like that- it has to be all cubey! So this can be done on minecraft or it can be done in hamabeads, even handdrawn on graph paper..or plain paper if you have the patience! Please Please Please submit to correct folders, otherwise it will be harder for people to find certain work. We will do our best to make new folders if there is a sufficient need (3 or more deviations) for one.
I notice also there is an overlap of folders sometimes: for example, if you have a zelda related piece of pixel art that is produced on minecraft, it could go in either the Minecraft Creations folder or Zelda folder- it's up to you which one you choose, in cases such as that, but if it is pokemon minecraft art it should go in the MineCraft Creations folder, not the Pokemon Templates folder, since it's for templates to copy, and not actual art.

:damphyr:3 No written work of any kind-
That's clearly not pixel art, is it!

:damphyr:4 No hentai, or other adult content.
Vulgar submissions will be deleted, and you will possibly be banned from the group. There are children on this site after all, and I want this to be a safe and clean place for all people, so please be on your best behaviour!

:damphyr:5 NO BRONY ARTWORK PLEASE. This is just a personal preference.

Thankyou for your time spent reading these rules- please submit your wonderful creations, and enjoy the group!

Also; You may suggest any work for the group so long as it is in the correct folder and meets our T&C's. Featured deviations will be selected by both HamaGirl and WolfOnACrucifix, there is no voting. Work you might like to enter Featured must be of high quality and quite large, so that a decent amount of effort is involved :meow:

~Hama-Girl :iconhama-girl: ~WolfOnACrucifix :iconwolfonacrucifix:


Gallery Folders

Alien Fire Bird by PlanetCentauri
Planet Centauri - Raptor walk by PlanetCentauri
Perler Chest (The Whole Thing) by ARD95
Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest by VoxelPerlers
Hama Perler and Nabbi Creations
Luz - Pixel Art by Ocesoro
Dr Livesey - Pixel Art by Ocesoro
We Bare Bears by Ocesoro
Steven U - Pixel Art by Ocesoro
Minecraft Creations
Invader Zim Comic Cover 3  ~Minecraft Pixel Art~ by Pat-The-Kitsune
OneShot Minecraft Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#006-Charizard Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
#136-Flareon Pixel Art by Pat-The-Kitsune
Pokemon Templates
Helix Fossil by Hama-Girl
Infernape by Hama-Girl
Monferno by Hama-Girl
Chimchar by Hama-Girl
Mini Pokemon Sprites
PikaBlu by DarkIsHeartsTruNatur
Arceus || Pixel Art by PixelArtPaintBrush
Yveltal || Pixel Art by PixelArtPaintBrush
Rayquaza || Pixel Art by PixelArtPaintBrush
Simulacrum by Schreckengast
Rainbow Unicorn DAB || Pixel Art by PixelArtPaintBrush
Zelda Cuckoo w/ Majora's Mask Perler by IrishPerlerPixels
Link vs Pumpkin Head gbc by dragontamer272
Cross Stitch
White Cat Cross Stitch by ShiroiKoumori
Snow Leopards Cross Stitch by ShiroiKoumori
Cat Cat Cat by ShiroiKoumori
Arcade Sampler by joyandsoul
Original Character
Marcon walking by ElinaMilner
Elina walking by ElinaMilner
Elina version 1.0 by ElinaMilner
Sulmiron(CHP. 3) by MateusCarvalho564
Miscellaneous pixel art
[CM] Shadowstrike - animated scene #027 by TheIgnisFrost
[CM] Ghost - animated scene #026 by TheIgnisFrost
Red Earth Mystic Orb Bead Icons by DeltaRoll
MSH Thanos Status Portrait by DeltaRoll
Paper Creations
Lil' Maurice by MicaelHD
ChonkMan by MicaelHD
Aunt Metroid by MicaelHD
Team Blue pixelated avatars by dragontamer272
Lego Creations
Lego 3D Pixel PAC-MAN by BellHillMayor
Paper Mario by Hama-Girl
Icons and Avatars
Bouncy Anglerfish Adoptable by Hama-Girl

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Hey Guys!

I've been doing an ongoing poll on my page and though I haven't had a huge pile of responses, I've gotten enough to know that most people don't have any points.

But that doesn't mean you can't have any points! You don't have to spend a penny to get some. Just visit dAhub! You can find new artists you like, give them llamas, watches and favourites for points- or join the referral network where you can get paid points for sending people to DaHubs page who will then donate. It's a great idea and really helps out people who want more points to be able to buy things like prints or get premium memberships.

And if you already have points- you can go there to donate them, and dependent on how many you donate, you get different privileges- but they will all get you more pageviews! It's a very cheap price for more exposure to give you the watchers you need to really feel like you have a proper audience.

Thanks for tolerating my little plug here- and go point it up!


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Group Info

This group is for fans of minecraft pixel art, hama bead pixel art, cross stitch, and any other form of pixel art you can think of! Any medium, any style, any pictures (with SOME rules obviously, can't have you guys running riot), and lots of sharing of pictures and talent with other deviant pixellers!
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Check out these awesome guys over here. More pixel art like this- on all of these groups!


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i just joined

how does this work?
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Thank chu cutties for adding my image! <3
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You have to be a member to submit art (though, there are some groups that allow non-members to submit art). Just click on "contribute art" (at the top of this webpage), a window will open up in the gallery showing your deviations and a drop-down menu of the folders available. Choose whichever deviation you want to submit to the appropriate folder, after submitting it'll either say that it has successfully submitted or that it's waiting approval on the deviation you chose to submit.
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THank you so much for requesting my Lego pixel Thranduil ^^
I made another one you might like, featuring Spock that time
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Thanks for adding my Lego pixel art! I plan on making more soon, way better than the ones I have up now
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has anyone tried gluing the bows or something small like that to a hair barrette? ive got a bunch of stuff i want to try and ive got the stuff to do it, im just not sure how it would hold up in a hair piece.
Hama-Girl Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the horribly slow reply! I have hot glued a bow to a snap clip but it failed horribly because of the way the clip flexes. A hair barrette should be fine, however I would recommend you cut a piece of felt to the same size as the bow, and then glue the clip in between the bow and the felt. It will have a much neater finish when completed.

Hope this helps!
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