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A group that is focused solely on producing and appreciating art in the form of pixels.

:star: Before joining, please read the GROUP'S RULES :star:

Group Guidelines & Rules

Becoming a Member
If you are interested in joining our group you click the "Join this Group" at the big blue bar at the top of the page. A moderator will quickly review you for acceptance. When you are a member you then have access to submit work and suggest faves.

Submitting Work
:bulletred: We do not accept low-effort submissions. These are pieces that display a lack of a certain amount of detail and effort. This does not discriminate against beginner pixel artists though, because we will judge according to your level. For more information on pixel art, check out this forum.

:bulletred: We only accept genuine pixel art. This means work that is solely produced without aid of photoshop (or other programs like Sai, Painter...) filters, methods to create a 'pixelated' look, or editing pre-made sprites to make your own. Color reduction, the use of semi-transparency, and fonts that are not self-created are also not accepted. Images in formats other than .png and .gif will not be accepted (like .jpegs). This also means that backgrounds, shadows, textures, and any other non-pixel method will mostly likely not be accepted.

:bulletred: Artwork that is covered with watermarks will most likely be rejected.


:bulletblue: Must be pixel art, any other form of art will be denied. Tool shading is not classified in this group as pixel art, so if submitted it will be denied. Stolen, copied and "sliced" work is forbidden in this group. If found we will report your work. If you are unsure of what this means, click here for more details.
:bulletblue: We do not consider drawn work in a pixel format to be pixel art in the group, you must have a good understanding and experience of pixel art that shows through your work in order for us to accept your submissions
:bulletblue: Please have the submission be in a .gif or a .png. jpegs and other file formats should not submitted
:bulletblue: Select the correct category for your work. See below for category descriptions so you can determine the best place to put your work. If you are unsure, check the gallery to see what folder is best for your work.
:bulletblue: Only submit 1-2 works per week, otherwise we will deny your other submissions
:bulletblue: We reserve the right to move your work to other folders, deny your work if it is not appropriate for the group, and remove your work from the group if it becomes necessary
:bulletblue: These rules are subject to change.
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:iconindiegameutopia: IndieGameUtopia Fun, friendly indie game group! :icontheartistlounge: TheArtistLounge :iconpixel--cafe: Pixel--Cafe here for some (pixel) coffee? :iconart--is--love: Art--is--Love You are LOVED! :iconpixel-doll-haven: Pixel-Doll-Haven Gotta Love Pixel Dolls!
The time has come, I am elated to announce the winners of our 2018 summer contest!

Thank you to all our participants and volunteers, you've been fantastic to work with :D

We hope that this contest enabled participants and audience alike to recognise what is possible when you love and persist with your work over time. :)


Pixel Redraw by Faesu

Faesu makes vast improvement in all fields within their entry. Shading is fit for purpose and reflects the scene well. Interesting composition, as if we're looking into a glass or terrarium of sorts. Simple techniques used but reflect the subject well, as to be expected, nothing looks crisp underwater.

A very calming scene wherein the colours and lighting are pleasing to look at, though the lighter-coloured particles floating in the water are a little harsh and might benefit from more blending. Presentation of comparison is cut and dry but amplifies the juxtaposition of skill between the two pieces.

Faesu took a little, very static sprite and turned it into a magnificent piece of art, while successfully expressing the main aspects of both the sprite and the game in the new piece. Beautiful demonstration of what Faesu learned over time.


Galaco 2018 vs 2013 by matomiki

matomiki has made outstanding improvements in their entry. Shading looks natural across various materials in the piece. Composition/posing of the subject is pleasing to the eye and complimentary to details like clothing and hair, which demonstrate more realistic movement giving life to the piece.

Anti-asliasing used where necessary to blend or accentuate line-work, but not in excess. Muted colours of the piece make it kind to the eyes and pleasurable to view.

Presentation of comparison amusingly seems to show the newer piece looking back to it's older rendition, and who couldn't look back in wonder to see the dramatic improvements made here? Every aspect makes the new piece so much clearer and eye-catching.


Majora's Mask Comparison by RudeThumb
RudeThumb shows stark developments in their style and improvement in technique within their entry. No expense was spared in attention to detail to a wonderfully frightful extent! Dithering is used masterfully well and shading has improved astronomically. The very noticeable improvement on the use of shadow and the introduction of new colours really helps in defining the characters and makes the new piece more interesting.

The characters are conveyed very nicely; gold highlights on the foreground character help it stand out in comparison to the original version; and would make any stranger to the Zelda series curious! Colours become much more vibrant and defining in the newer work. Presentation is simple but telling of developments between the pieces.

Most improved

pixel improvement by goldiwi
goldiwi shows incredible developments in their technique and style. From shape to shading, we can see their progress from an amateur to an amazing artist.

Shading looks more natural in the newer piece, befitting of the subject. The new proportions are much more pleasing to the eye; together with the choice of pose and composition, it conveys much better the original intent of the first piece.

The lines are better refined and coloured. Techniques are simple but sufficient. The expression of the subject is very well conveyed in the newer work. Presentation is simple but demonstrates development. Overall, this piece is extremely improved; with smoother lines, softer colours, and a cuter, more appealing shape!

Most ambitious

Blast from the past by AjamsDraws
AjamsDraws really lives up to the title in all aspects of their entry. From a line-up to an action-packed group shot, we see some distinct improvements in shading, use of colour, technique and most prominently, composition.

Improved shading gives more depth and detail to the characters. Composited and in action, they are much more dynamic and interesting to look at. Presentation is simple and neat; improvement is blatant.  AjamsDraws brought out the full potential of the older sprite line-up and the new piece suggests a lot more personality and story than the old version.

Wonderful use of each characters peculiar aspects to create a very dynamic and impactful scene. You have to wonder what's about to go down when you see people armed and mounted on a T-rex, no doubt something ambitious.

Most Unique

MLP crazy Pinkamena gif by Conpixel -> MLP crazy Pinkamena  [REMAKE] by Conpixel
Conpixel fills the shoes of most unique with a literal and artistic transformation! Shading has improved and looks much cleaner in the newer work though there is some presence of pillow shading which could be improved. Line work is much more crisp and refined than the original.

Animation is smoother and more complex with multiple frames per second but articulates and conveys the vibe of the subject well - Regardless of your familiarity with the character you can probably imagine her laughing! The animation really brings the character to life while making it so much more captivating.

Some choice of colours are questionable in respect to contrast. There is no side-by-side comparison of old and new works as a single deviation. The difference between the old and new versions of this piece, however, is tremendous, mostly in the aspect of the complexity of the animation


Refer to the journal below for your prizes. I will be working with our volunteer artists to help fulfil these, and I will also be sending out other prizes shortly.

[CLOSED!] BLAST FROM THE PAST! [Competition]The competition is now CLOSED thank you to everyone who entered! Stand by for the winners announcement in the near future :)
[* 9/15 gained so far]
Redraw the oldest pixel-art piece of your own that you have saved!
Sometimes it's hard to see how you've improved over time, but realising improvement in your work can be an incredibly motivating thing; not just for you yourself, but for others that see your improvement too. 

Note, you MUST be a group member in order to submit work to the gallery!

All new works should be drawn from scratch.  The final piece should be presented with old and new work side-by-side in order to show transition, improvement and innovation. Alternatively, you can produce an animation where you show the old work transitioning into the


Artists; omateki, mewsu, moyairo and Mittersnatch
Judges; SqdPxl, MaeshiPixel, Burucheri and tatianangfung!
Donators; SpaceDog500, MaggiefromSpace, Dr--Maniacus, apparate, DesDraws, DanOcean, Banished-Dreams and Anonymous!

For your time, talent and generosity :)

Please stand by for future contests and challenges :peace:
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