A Chronology of Pixar

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A Chronology of Pixar

With the first trailers of their next upcoming movie, Up, having been released, it's time to look back at Pixar's 13 years in the feature film business. Much artwork has been inspired by Pixar's creations, so here are a selection of some of the best dedicated to each Pixar film, both from known and unknown artists.

Toy Story

Toy Story is well known as the first fully CGI-animated film to be created- and it was a good one, at that! Released in 1995, and directed by John Lasseter, Toy Story warmed the hearts of both adults and children, and is now considered an icon in the animation industry. Toy Story 2 followed in 1999, and with a Toy Story 3 scheduled for release in 2010, fans of the movies are sure not to be disappointed!

buzz off by toonfed Toy Story by momarkey Woody by scoot75 Bo Peep by madmoiselleclau:thumb74144262: Slinky Dog by H0b0tastiC When She Loved Me - Jessie by NeoSlashott Wizard of Oz Toy Story Style by ScruffyToto

A Bug's Life

A story about insects might not sound appealing at first, but Pixar had its second success with A Bug's Life in 1998. Many identified with the main character, Flik, and although it may be one of Pixar's least recognised films, its charm has proven to be as long-lasting as their other works.

A Bugs Life by blizzberry Flik: A Bugs Life by RedMcSpoon A bug's Life - by Danlorstudio Cartoon from A Bugs Life by TinkyPink:thumb41550737: A Bug's Life by snowmask:thumb82818451: XSTITCH a Bugs Life by wilterdrose Fleabie by PixarVixen Butterfly Idol by PinkLibellule

Monsters, Inc.

Monsters hiding under the bed, or in the closet...Many children have these fears and nightmares, but Pixar managed to put a spin on these scary things in Monsters, Inc. Released in 2001 under the direction of Pete Docter, Monsters, Inc. was successful both financially and critically, and looks to have banished those age-old fears forever!

:thumb67596907: Monsters Inc. by momarkey Monsters Eek by fractal-inversion Unblended by pitbulllady:thumb61719880: Mike and Sulley by Izaart :: k i t t y :: by chibighibli:thumb68151150: Boo and Sully by DreZX Googly Bear? by ChadRocco

Finding Nemo

Financially, Finding Nemo is Pixar's powerhouse, making over $850,000,000 in worldwide box offices in its release year of 2003. Not only is a sweet and funny film, with animation that looks fresh even today, but the stronger, more emotional side of Finding Nemo appealed to the adult audience. Few people can say that they have watched the entire film without shedding a tear or two!

Finding Nemo poster by Hesstoons Finding Nemo: Squirt by GeeFreak Finding Nemo vista icons by Iconshock Nemo by AngelCrusher:thumb102119081: Pixel Dory by kaykaykit Marlin and Dory by gryen GILL...Finding Nemo by Emmi83 Finding Nemo Vector - Peach by icefaerie Movie Series-Marlin and Dory by husseindesign

The Incredibles

Brad Bird directed the Pixar movie of 2004, and with the 'incredible' theme of superheroes came a film full of action and adventure, with a surprisingly warm, gooey heart centred around the family. The fast-paced fight scenes, along with an exhilarating soundtrack reminiscent of the traditional superhero films, The Incredibles secured a newer, wider fanbase for Pixar.

The Incredibles by AlexDeB THE INCREDIBLES by angelgaby:thumb61937028: Tony Loaf by Izaart:thumb19093633::thumb12610221: The Incredibles Poster by CamT:thumb42804510: Incredibles Fanart - Elastigir by TreasureFanboy Dash by Lilostitchfan


Released in 2006, Pixar went down a completely different track once again with Cars, set in a world where cars are alive. With the most beautiful scenery, and a story of an arrogant racing car who learns a lot about himself and the world around him, John Lasseter's baby was a financial hit, and Cars merchandise is most commonly found in shops over all other Pixar films.

Lightning McQueen by Black-Charizard Cars: Lightning McQueen by Liennepien Lightning McQueen in Vectors by pandapaco Mater's Dream Come True by Lilschmoopie Ramone by yamihoole guido by pixarjunkie McQueen by JonathanEdward Race Before Breakfast by Blue-Fox Doc Hudson by TwinTwosGirl Shocked Mater by Zera265


Brad Bird's second film with Pixar was Ratatouille. The story itself is potentially unappealing- the idea of a rat cooking might not be to everyone's taste- but when the film was released, it was clear that Ratatouille had hit the spot. Unsurprisingly, it did very well in France and other non-domestic countries, and although the project was at first unstable, Brad Bird's input, along with the hard work of other Pixarians, put Ratatouille back on track to being one of the best films of 2007.

ratatouille by Pocketowl Ratatouille: Kitchen Romance by Mandymtt Sketch Dump - Remy by Mitch-el Remy Gusteau by Hesstoons Colette by yamihoole Chef Skinner by MartijnPipoo:thumb79537884: The Ego by TheNass


Pixar's latest film, directed by Andrew Stanton, WALL-E is the sweet story of two robots in love. Daring to be different, Pixar chose for a large chunk of the film to be effectively dialogue free, but the risk has paid off with WALL-E currently being pushed for a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars. Financially, it has done exceedingly well, but it is in the reviews of the critics that it excels, many heralding it as one of the best films of 2008, and even possibly of the decade.

Wall_E by PortratESeveN:thumb97261405: Wall-E by MenInASuitcase:thumb90402649: Walle+Mo Foreign Contaminant by YourNewGod Eve by madmoiselleclau Love Has No Limits by lordcheeezzee:thumb91848891: Walle by throughtherain67 Full Walle by philbot


Well, that's it for this article! I'm sure you'll agree that Pixar has been an inspiration to many, both animators and non-animators, and their films deserve to be recognised and appreciated.

Thank you very much for reading! I might be doing another one of these articles at some point, so if you have a suggestion for a piece of Pixar artwork that you think should be featured, just send a note my way.

© 2008 - 2020 PixarPlanetdA
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hey really it was good and thanx for those informations........Am a pixar addict......[link]
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Lovely article! It's satisfying to see that Pixar is making headlines in the many corners of the internet.

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Thank you for the feature ! It's a nice chronology ! I love the fan arts of Monsters,Inc. and Nemo :)
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I love Pixar - I don't know anyone who doesn't! This is a great article....I've found a couple more artists to watch now!
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