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Welcome to PixarPlanetdA!

Becoming a Member-
If you'd like to join this group, simply click the 'join our group' button at the top of the page. After that, you'll automatically become a member!

Submitting Fanart and Fanfictions-
This too is very simple! Just click the button 'submit art' and follow the instructions, posting your art into the featured folder. It'll remain there for around a week so that it gets a bit of exposure before being placed into its appropriate sub-folder. Members are allowed to submit up to three deviations to our gallery per day.

:bulletpurple: All types of art and written works are welcome here.
:bulletpurple: Artwork and written works submitted must have some relation to Pixar and their films or short films and characters.
:bulletpurple: Submitted works must not have inappropriate content. If you try and submit anything inappropriate, it will be deleted and you will be banned from this group.
:bulletpurple: Members are allowed to submit up to three deviations a day. If more than the allowed amount are submitted in one day, the others will be left to roll over for the next day until all deviations have been submitted.

Thank you for reading, and have a great time here at PixarPlanetdA!

Gallery Folders

Manny and Gypsy by DrZime
Up Colour Study by Pikatoro
Life is a highway by PrehistoricGiraffe
Nolan Tamil : think different by SaraPlutonium
Toy Story Trilogy
Alice and Jessie Posing by MorgsterGolderngirls
Sheriff Woody drawing by MorgsterGolderngirls
Waiting for... Bo Peep by Lightyear90
Battle mode activated by rain1940
A Bug's Life
an enviro experiment featuring our good boy molt by lystheni
Twenty Years In by lystheni
Death Battle: Hopper vs General Woundwort by hmcvirgo92
would you just pick an item from the menu already by lystheni
Monsters, Inc. and University
Christmas boi for Waackery by AliasFiammetta
Randall and Boo by Waackery
Morning Routine by WulverCazz
WorthingBurn by WulverCazz
Finding Nemo
The Sand Debate by LittleSnaketail
Hank by LittleSnaketail
Finding Dory by TXToonGuy1037
Dory Cal-Art Style by CristianDarkraDx
The Incredibles
Violet checking the view (Hand drawn) by EJFireLightningArts
Super Dance Mom by jmdoodle
Elastigirl and her thicc glory by Vantiss
Xemnas vs The Incredibles by SamBiswas95
Cars Films
{Commission} - Cars in love by LeoKatana
Love is what drove me. You and us. by Eclipse-M
It looks perfect on you by Eclipse-M
Mater and Mator shirt by Imaplatypus
Linguini - Ratatouille by Stencilgirl
Remy - Chefcito - Ratatouille by LuisMiguel-ART
Ratatuille request by LizUsui
Remy by little-ampharos
Christmas Eve by Kaderpow
E.V.E. by James3DArts
Auto Sketch by TDchardonnay
Auto Walle by TDchardonnay
Carl by r0ra
Snipe rider by giuliadrawsstuff
Inktober #15 - Pixar's Up by Caracol-Productions
[ Up ] The Dream Come True by Laefey
Disney Redheads by SonicClone
Past Competition Entries
Wreck It Ralph 2-Merida by RainbowMachete
Inside Out
shooting star or meteorite? by AbstractSun
The Good Dinosaur
Jack and Vivian(Deleted Characters) by tcr11050
Coco: Reunion Part 1 by eileenmh123
Hi folks. It seems that every so many years, the rules regarding the submission process, and which folders to submit to, seem to become largely ignored. Here's a refresher course on how to submit deviations, how to choose the right folder to submit to, and what types of deviations are allowed to be submitted to the group.

The Submission Process

We allow a maximum of three deviations to the group per day. Once you have submitted your deviation, our system will hold it for review for approximately two weeks. Please do not re-submit your deviation if it is not accepted within a short period of time. This clogs up the submissions and because there is only one moderator running this group, the submissions are not always reviewed consistently. Please be patient. If, after two weeks, your deviation has not been added to the group, please submit it again.

Which Folder to Submit To?

Your artwork must contain one of the following in order to be submitted to a folder for any given film:

- At least one canon character from that film is present in your artwork
- Humanizations, animalizations, etc. of canon characters are to be stated as such in the description
- OCs for the film must have this stated in the description so we know that it is associated with that film
- Crossovers must include at least one canon character and/or OC from that film

Things that will not be accepted to film folders include:

- Deviations with only vague references to the film with no recognizable canon characters or OCs
- Crossovers that do not include any canon characters or OCs

These types of deviations may be submitted to the Other folder. However, deviations that are drawn in a "Disney/Pixar style" but do not depict any canon characters or meet any of the above criteria will not be accepted into either the film folders or the Other folder. We also do not accept deviations for any film that is not a Pixar film, even if it is animated, unless it is a crossover with a Pixar film.

Types of Deviations Allowed

We aim to be a family-friendly deviantART group for all ages to view safely. For that reason, the following types of deviations are not allowed in the group:

- Anything that depicts a character as being overly-sexualized
- Depictions of extreme violence
- Gore
- Fetish content
- Depictions of pedophilia
- Anything that depicts a character in a disturbing or grotesque manner
- Deviations with mature filters by default are not permitted

If you have any questions about the submission process, or why your deviation was not accepted to the group, please refer to this list or message the group privately.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

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Group Info

For over twenty years, Pixar has been creating animated films of the highest quality that have touched audiences of all ages across the world, inspiring many to express themselves creatively.

And that's where we come in! We're the biggest Pixar fanart and fanfiction club on dA, and we're also a branch of the biggest group of Pixar fansites on the internet, Pixar Planet. We welcome fanart and fanfiction to do with any of Pixar's films or short films.
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Hello! I'm llacerta, also known as lizardgirl on the Pixar Planet forums, and I'm the founder and runner of this club.

If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact me!









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