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Piston Cup Robots! (Not really..... we'll see)

(NOTE: This is custom information in my imagination, not official. It's just pretend. None of the information in the description is real, it's fake) These are recolored with some male and some female, like the Piston Cup racers like some racers are recolors. (Not in a bad way I mean.) 


#1 - Oliver The Robot (Voiced by Zach Braff with his normal acting voice like Chicken Little for example) (Came from USA)
#2 - Walter Walmart (Voiced by Channing Tatum with a bit of a deep voice) (Came from USA) His catchphrase is "Partner"
#3 - Bullseye (Voiced by Jerry Seinfeld with a playful nature) (Came from USA)
#4 - Jenny Wakeman (Voiced by Janice Hiromi Kawaye) (Came from USA)
#5 - Ernie Racingtyre (Voiced by Denis Leary with a friendly, helpful and mature personality) (Came from USA)
#6 - Kyle Kensington (Voiced by Rob Rackstraw) (Came from England) (His catchphrases is "Wa-hey, Bro", "Bro", "Man" and "Buddy".) 
#24 - Sophie Woolworth (Doesn't speak) (Came from Australia)
#11 - Chloe Locke (Doesn't speak) (Came from Australia)
#9 - Ella Oilchanger (Voiced by John Cuask) (Came from England)
#14 - Stella Davis (Voiced by Wanda Sykes) (Came from Australia)
#15 - Jacob Shuntright (Doesn't speak) (Came from England)
#56 - Brian Scruggs (Voiced by Lovell Stanton) (Came from USA) 
#65- Craig Bradford (Voiced by Tim Whitnall) (Came from Canada)
#55 - Zoe Locke (Voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith) (Came from Australia) 
and #19 - Sara Takara (Doesn't speak) (Came from Japan)

None of the robots have decals on their backs.

Oliver the Robot in the SML Parody series is not the same counterpart as the "Oliver and the Robots" Oliver, like most of the characters aren't the same counterparts as their film counterparts, but they still look, sound and act the same.

All the racers were built around 1999-ish, except Oliver, who was built in 2004.

The characters in SML Parody who don't have jobs get payed from pensions.

Oliver, Walter and Bullseye are best robot friends and a good robot trio. Oliver, Walter, Bullseye, Ernie and Kyle are really good friends too and will sometimes hang out from 2021- onwards.

Their guard, Sig. (Sig is voiced by Tim Whitnall)
 Built in 1934. A vintage robot who works with the "Piston Cup" robots/racers. His mustashe is made of rubber and can stretch good. What's over Sig's hand? "Handy Dandy", an alive silent helpful working hand that can reach small places and is a bit cartoony. Sig has the same height as a human adult. 

Walter is named after Walt Disney

Ernie and Kyle both share a Nintendo Switch so they can play their favourite game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! Stella and Jacob's favourite game is "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and Brian and Craig's favourite game is Chess.

Oliver's design will be the future of Oliver. (2021- present) (When near the end of "SML Parody: Loud House" where when Oliver boards the plane while flying at night, he goes inside with Sig then gets decorated with bumper stickers of the logos he's wearing. (The Hot Wheels, #1, Piston Cup, etc.)

Oliver's favourite drinks are Coffee and hydraulic oil from a Dinoco can.

The racers will be the last characters to use the "Oliver"-like or "Rodney"-like design. At least some changes were added. They look similar to match sometimes when railways or racing cars.

Jenny would be the only racer robot to be 2D animated while the others are CGI in the 2021 film.

What those robots do is just race for fun and sometimes race to win a Piston Cup. (But not on race tracks, but anywhere really) (They're racers) At the end, they'll sleep in a plane named "Dragon"…

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(Since this is so far your only picture with Jenny in it on this account, I'll comment here)
Me: "Hey, Jenny"
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Jenny: Hi, Austin.
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Me: "I really like you and your show"
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Me: "You're welcome" *Hugs*
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Me: "If only you had your artificial nerves, that way I could tickle you"
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