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Who's There II

Vegeta: hello Earth-woman
Bulma: !!!!
Vegeta: You know what i want!
Bulma: t-the dragonball's right there
Vegeta: oh, im not here for the dragonball
Vegeta: spread'em!

lol skit by Team Fourstar

characters belong to Akira Toriyama
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Jun 16, 2011, 12:14:13 PM
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MaleVolentSamSon's avatar
Wow Bulma, your ass is THICC! Rub it on my face if I was right!
I would kiss that ass!
jmarkoff2's avatar
Is she using the ball as a toilet?
Sidherandom's avatar
It defintely looks like she needs to poop. Maybe she's constipated :D
GodsofWarAndRock's avatar
beakboy's avatar
oh wow... sexy !
KatyInflaty's avatar
All. My. Yes. 💋
Virastentacular's avatar
If I had all 7 dragon balls, my wish would be to have permission to pleasure Bulma's ass every day... :3
Jubbidewbruh's avatar
kacript's avatar
So what's she doing, trying to hide it up her-nah!
rickhoward's avatar
Hehe, thats Vegeta my man. Love that butt shaking pose, Bulma seems to have quite a healthy wide ass, love how she puts it - or how she is forced to put it on display.
jmarkoff2's avatar
Just change the picture a little and she could be on a toilet taking a relaxing dump.
Jigin's avatar
That might hurt! xD
Would love to see this.........................
famili-monstro's avatar
AnzonyD's avatar
Oh wow this is a very exciting episode of dragon ball Z.
And welcome back to another episode of...
live4ecchi's avatar
im a dbz fan and this looks awesome!
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