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Hollow and Poe

Bit by bit, I'm working on making backgrounds. This was another attempt, and I think I would like it a little more if I hadn't gotten lazy on the colouring halfway through. :\ Oh well, it was only intended as a doodle to begin with, so any background's an improvement. Sloppy colouring is a lot more fun to do than any "tidier" techniques I've tried.

Hollow (belonging to Amber/Phasma of Souls and Western Tempest) and Poe D'Angelo (mine, as seen in half of my recent gallery) chatting away in early-autumn Chimera. With a 40% chance that Poe is going to pounce on him.
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Beautiful. :heart:

Please keep up the great work!
MachinesBleedToo's avatar
The background is actually very beautiful. I love how the trees fade the further away they are, which is how they should! And how one of them is leaning over. Gives it a more natural kinda look.

Lovely work~
Miyukitty's avatar
I like the softness of the lines and colours - it's such a sweet scene! :) Poe is pretty-ful.

(I play Slaying the Dreamer, btw!)
Akuisui's avatar
thats pretty sweet!
Pixae's avatar
Sweet like candy? :D

I mean. Thanks. ^^
Akuisui's avatar
yes.. candy!! :evillaugh:.. oh ya.. welcome ^^
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