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Robin Steele the Waifu Thief V2.1



Reuploaded from :iconblitzprog:'s deviantART

ALSO, the sequel is out!
[Downloadable game] Robin Steele 2 v0.2.0b by Pix3M
Version 2.1 Notes (July 27):
Android version working nicely but still missing a few touchscreen features. Because of my internship i'm not having much time to focus on that, but here's version 2.1 with a few fixes and tweaks in the meantime!

- While playing, you can press 'M' to toggle music On/Off the music.
- Pressing 'P' to pause will also stop the music.

Easy mode is now much easier:
- In comparison to the old easy mode, your hammer will now deal triple damage. (Defeat guards with two swings or one finisher.)
- Guards speed is lower by 25%
- Boss speed is lower by 33%, has no special attack, and is now vulnerable to stun.

Normal mode boss is easier:
- Boss perform special attack through retreat only, and you may hit him 50% more times before he does so.

Secret stuff:
- Secrets are now a 100% probability if you have not taken a single damage from the beginning of the game. If you don't know "how to be ready", now you do.

Version 2.0 Notes (July 4):

Two new game modes:
- Easy mode
- Crazy mode
Pause button
Added Signs with some fun facts and protips on it.

Fixed bugs
- Guards no longer have multiple instance of stars when stunned repeatedly.
- Gameover event now "disable" all enemies (so you can't get hit after a win, for example.)
- Fixed game crash during room generation.
- Slightly altered collision with walls.


- Extra note: BlitzProg is more evil than I am. Keep that in mind. :) (Smile)


- Credits:
:iconpix3m: Lead artist, game concept, programmer
:iconblitzprog: Lead coding (Game porting), additional game concept
:iconbritishmindslave: Additional illustration
:iconmandopony: Game music (www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUJb9d…


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