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[Ludum Dare] One Bullet

By Pix3M
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Click to place a tower.
The fireball will travel from tower to tower, in the order you place your towers and back.

This is what we got done... more could have been done but our dedicated programmer could not participate due to unforeseen circumstances.

Programming: Flashygoodness
Art & Game design: Pix3M
Music and SFX: Potentialing

EDIT: Game is better balanced.


[Downloadable game] Elem3nts v1.3 by Pix3M

Feel free to check out what is practically a remake of this game in the same time limit!
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© 2013 - 2021 Pix3M
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5850 pretty nice game :D
AcrylicVanner's avatar
i got 6950, this is a really cool game
YoshiElementYT's avatar
I got 3050 :D

Wow I suck xD
So-Cashi's avatar
Neat fun little game :3
KuroStarSunny's avatar
This is a unique idea! I love this. I can see it being one of those really popular games that you could easily spend tons of time on without realizing it. 
AngelKite's avatar
11200 :D
interesting game gosh!
playfulMaev's avatar
addictive, great design. so simple yet fun.
HetaliaAskTexas's avatar
3150 before i got bored))
ndogmario's avatar
12200 points of fun
MetaX24's avatar
10850 on first attempt.

Fun little game.
X-CoyoteFeathers-X's avatar
10150 on first try :D
nice game! It's really fun!
twistedt0ri's avatar
3750! I'm not so great at this... XD
akun20's avatar
8450 first try. :3
StarlitPaint's avatar
5650 on first try ^u^
FirePrincess224's avatar
3800,On First Try I First Thought The Towers Were Destroying Each Other xD
Level2Select's avatar
12250 on first. Took me a while to realise the Tower cooldown... xD Great work guys~! ^^
ndogmario's avatar
you are now my arch enemy
Level2Select's avatar
"Welcome, Human." >:)
AlexanderConhanger's avatar
6600 First try, very fun game and very charming!
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