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[Ludum Dare 32] Let me tell you a story

By Pix3M
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Let me tell you a story behind this tree, which may be useful if you're learning how to draw trees.

Back when I was a more fledgling artist, I've had several attempts at trees. I will detail in one clump of leaf, and be satisfied. Then, I move on to detail another leaf clump and something looks 'wrong'. Something about the new leaf clump I detail in looks like it belongs on a completely different plant for reasons I could not figure out.

Ever since I moved out of my parent's house, I was able to go outside and learn about the world outside, artistically and otherwise. There was a Japanese garden nearby that after two months, I still had not yet visited this garden. The day before, I sat in a pub with people I was getting acquainted with, and we were mostly artists. We were drawing our own thing, and there's a bit of awkwardness when you're a pixel artist without a strong foundation with pencil. I looked out the window and tried to draw a tree on the other side of the street.

I looked at that tree, I stopped looking at the tree as a "ball". People will generally draw a tree like it is a ball of leaves on a stick, because that is how the mind simplifies the tree. I began to think of trees not as a ball of leaves whose shading I had yet to demystify, but I began to more easily see this tree as a bunch of leafy sticks. Focus your mind on just a branch, the leaves are huddled around those branches, they don't form a 'ball'

The next day, me and a couple of friends were hanging out and I had quite a bit of marijuana on that day. We decided to go walk over to the local Japanese garden because it happens to be a nice place and some of us had never seen it.

Just as I looked at the plants while I was in an altered state of mind, I began to notice. "This twig looks EXACTLY the same as this other twig."

That was exactly why my leaf clumps looked stupid when I try drawing trees, because I was working under a fallacy that it is good to have variation among leaf clumps. No, this is not how trees work. Plants are basically nature's massively lazy copy-paste fractal job.

And such, the next tree I drew commited a heinous crime of copy and paste. I want to credit my 'altered state of mind' that had me pay more attention to repeating patterns on that day, but maybe I could have figured this out sober as well. Maybe I knew it all along and it took an altered state of mind to appreciate the sheer magnitude of nature's copy and paste. Who knows? =)
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What a great realization!
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Very beautiful! :heart:
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I figured out the same a few years ago when I just started drawing :)

Are you studiying Game desgin or are you just doing all those pixel things in your free time?
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This is stuff from my free time. There are an ocasional paid sprite jobs, but they're generally not posted here
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So you actually need this kind of ability for your work?
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I sort of do need spriting skills to do them by commission, yes :p
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Ok :) Thanks for the Info! I am just always curious about what the artist works for :)
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