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House of Sweets

Long time ago, I once told myself. Maybe one day, I can spend a month working on something nicely ambitious.

I guess this day is the day =)
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The amount of information in this picture is a bit large ...😂
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I remember looking at this a few years ago in AWE
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Oh my Celestia, This is really good! 
This is awesome u don't do icons do u
Rawring-Rainbows's avatar
This is amazingly adorable!!!!!!!!
Streiben's avatar
Nice friend of yours, Maud.

Pix, this pixture is amazing ♪
ChristianPerich's avatar
Holy S****** very nice dude!
RussellTheNarwal's avatar
This looks great
pixlated tom FTW 
izzyo816's avatar
will this ever be a real game?
Pix3M's avatar
No, I just wanted to make a big picture =(
izzyo816's avatar
aw cuz I could imagine this as a game and would totally buy it if it were, oh well
but hey I still like your design, maybe you could sell it for a gaming company to use or something!
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This is AMAZING! Great job!
Haroku-Beast's avatar
ouo So no Flutters or Marshmallow? ;u;

Otherwise an AMAZING piece *Free Icon/Emote* Fancy Pusheen Heart Heart Heart 
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They're sitting at a table together.
Haroku-Beast's avatar
ah now i see them, thank you
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I am seriously debating on whether or not I could make this in minecraft.
TheArcaneLlama's avatar
I'd love to see it happen!
superpika293's avatar
I'd need a seriously large map.
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CatFromDream's avatar
The whole picture with its details is nothing short of spectacular!

How can you do that? Is it like puzzle except with thousands of pixels? O-o
Pix3M's avatar
With too much time, you could do anything =)
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PrincessEmbraceMLP's avatar
This is just beautiful! I love the attention to the detail, it really ties the picture together very nicely. Embrace clapping icon by PrincessEmbraceMLP  
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