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[Game] Robin Steele the Waifu Thief v1.2

Given a theme of "You are the villian!" at the Crystal Games Challenge, this was the idea I came up with. The game is 'a journey of a young alicorn, for the heart of a princess'.

I was going to give this character a magic sword, but swords are for slaying. Mallets are for comedy, so I made it kid-friendlier for a major My Little Pony convention at Everfree Northwest =)

Download link for windows:…

Robin Steele the Waifu Thief V2.0 by Pix3M

Developed within 48 hours on game maker, music stolen borrowed is 'The CMC Returns!' by Mandopony. Took his song within the first hour of the jam and the art style used was developed around his song.

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