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[Game] Robin Steele the Waifu Thief v1.2

By Pix3M
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Given a theme of "You are the villian!" at the Crystal Games Challenge, this was the idea I came up with. The game is 'a journey of a young alicorn, for the heart of a princess'.

I was going to give this character a magic sword, but swords are for slaying. Mallets are for comedy, so I made it kid-friendlier for a major My Little Pony convention at Everfree Northwest =)

Download link for windows:

Robin Steele the Waifu Thief V2.0 by Pix3M

Developed within 48 hours on game maker, music stolen borrowed is 'The CMC Returns!' by Mandopony. Took his song within the first hour of the jam and the art style used was developed around his song.

Bug History: sta.sh/01rytsq5ajky

Source files for version 1.2.7: sta.sh/01r9eamvm1u9
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mysweetgirl2Student Digital Artist
is there a download for mac...
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Pix3M Digital Artist
Have you looked at the newest version instead?
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mysweetgirl2Student Digital Artist
Sorry for responding super late ^^" no I have not seen the latest version but I will check it out!
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WitherlesseStudent Digital Artist
i can't beat normal X''D i guess i give up.

but this is a really cute game! the animation is perfect, and the art is sooooooooo amazing! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]
and omg i want that mallet .A. it's so pretty! Pikachu Loves It Plz 

this is going to my faves! +favlove 
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iMidnightponeStudent Artist
When I Saw This From Equestria Gaming Well I Saw Its A Nice Art! So I Played It >3< Nice Work Anyway! >3<
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Hey, I really loved what you did with this, especially the randomized levels. I've been wanting to come up with a way to make a roguelike on gamemaker for some time, and I'm not entirely sure how to go about it, or at least that part of things, any help would be appreciated.
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Pix3M Digital Artist
I have the source files here if you are interested: sta.sh/01r9eamvm1u9, though be aware that level information is stored on a global array instead of creating lots of individual objects.

But random level generation isn't that easy, but do what most smart programmers do. Save yourself time and use level-generating code that's already floating out there, free to use. Time spent on writing your own level generation could have been spent making content.
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I'll keep that in mind, thank you.
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So this is a game is it a rpg?
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pinkemeanuHobbyist Artist
can you... make it not download i can't download :'(
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pinkemeanuHobbyist Artist
thanks :)
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capecod7Hobbyist General Artist
how can I play it...? I get there's a link. But I don't feel good with uploading things.... o-o
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Count-AuthorHobbyist Writer
I find this ironic, hilarious, and the game is admittedly fun... but when I said I liked hitting Flash Sentry around with a hammer it WASN'T for this reason... 

I just beat my boy... as a boss... in a Dynasty Warriors/Gauntlet esc. Pony game with a hammer and catchy music...

*Sigh* I'm sorry, Flash...

:iconflashsentryplz: It's cool, brah. I thought it was fun too!

What, really?!

:iconflashsentryplz: Hey! Who knows? I might be a recurring boss! Or heck! Maybe a Final Boss! Wouldn't that be crazy?!

You're taking this a lot better than I would've expected...

:iconflashsentryplz: Hey, sometimes a pony's gotta know how to laugh at himself! Especially when he's always surrounded by these stone-faced guards!
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SploorkyStudent Digital Artist
Any idea why the file isn't safe? My windows says it contains a virus. ._.
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Pix3M Digital Artist
That is because the people who want to protect people of viruses do not know who I am, and they have never seen this game file before. To play it safe, they will assume that it is a virus.

Rest assured, unless a hacker manages to infect the download file, there is no virus.
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Villain, really?! He's a HERO!

that aside I like the game; it's simple, it works, it's fun! Thank you for making it!
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Songbreeze741Hobbyist General Artist
This game is adorable

Thank you for taking the time to make it
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Do you ever get Twilight? Or does she always run away :P

Also, it was fun. If I were to change anything:
I'd have Flash have the ability to do his attack in 4 directions, rather than left and right. 
Perhaps make Flash more phasic, but I understand the time constraint here.
I'd make sure hearts and stairs don't spawn too close to you.
I'd play with enemy spawning. Not that I ever had a problem, but I'd play with it. 
I'd have enemies move six times as fast as long as they were unseen. (Killing Floor "Jason" rule)
I'd consider moving from Zelda attack rules to Robotron attack rules: AKA, you can attack in a different direction than you are looking. Though, I was fine with how the attacks worked. 

These are all just me, though. And these are things I would simply try, that doesn't mean these are ideas that are perfectly fitting for the game.
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Pix3M Digital Artist
Have you ever made a game? :confused:
Ace-of-Trades's avatar
A few. None professionally. Most of my work is in college. I've recently been in a block and just haven't made anything recently.
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Pix3M Digital Artist
The fact you left a bunch of suggestions made me worry a lot. Of course... people who love a game will be leaving a lot of suggestions but games are huge time sinks to make, considering that I submitted this game at 4 AM.

Because I cannot address every suggestion that I'm gonna be sent now that I got this game up... it's gonna start to be an annoyance when there are people who are suggesting that I can spend even more time to make the game better. I'm tight on time. It will tire me out.
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Can't you just upload the source files so we stop bugging you?
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