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[Downloadable game] Robin Steele 2 v0.3.0b

**This game contains no adult content. 

Download link

(only windows for now. Sorry!)…


You are Robin Steele. Special talent - getting what you want.
After successfully capturing Twi from Flash, you have taken her into your personal castle to spend time with her. Except.... things start to get hairy.

Wander through randomly-generated castle levels to find her friends and capture them too, for anything you have in mind! Open chests scattered throughout the levels to find powerups and bonuses to help you along the way! Just watch out, when you are defeated, whether a dream-come-true or a living-nightmare, has to be lived through from the very beginning.

Known gameplay issues:

    • Text may be hard to read for some people, an alternate font should be implemented
    • Tutorial does not yet make clear that gold and silver chests spawn better items, gold chests spawning the best items

Known bugs as of v0.3.0b

    • Keeping the game minimized for some amount of time may randomly erase a background texture used for the minimap, after which the game will try rendering a texture that doesn't exist and throw and error at you.
    • Some computers may render text incorrectly, shaving off a 1px thick column from the text sprites
    • Semi-transparent UI backgrounds may incorrectly fade into gray rather than blending into black

  • Some monsters are missing their animations. Just part of the creative process :3

Also, feel free to check out the prequel!
 Robin Steele the Waifu Thief V2.1 by Pix3M
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I got an error when I found AJ Unimpressed Twilight Unimpressed Twilight Unimpressed Twilight Unimpressed - Crystal Sans Unimpressed - Crystal Sans 
Also the castle map can't be bought

Applejack Bug by lunacharian  
goldorakx69's avatar
special talent * get what ever he want? THIS is not a talent! is more he do whatever he and get whatever he want , he dont care who he hurt and he dont care what other say! is samply a bad guy and he need to be stop!
Edward256's avatar
GIF My Little Pony - That's a wierd question Frigid Breeze Speech Bubble "Obviously, I've known since I got my Cutie Mark that my talent is getting other ponies to do what I want."
goldorakx69's avatar
This not What her cutie mark mean , Diamond Tiara first belive this(Thanks of her Stupid mother) I belive is she will go in jewelry or be a leader(she a long away to do it) and for a Cutie mark talent to get what ever he want, is be true , everpony who thier talent is get what ever he or she want , is will not pretty in equestria! many pony who a those will be every greedy! cutie mark dont work this way! If Diamond tiara talent is get what ever she , is be a long she will be a princess and bossing everypony but is not!
Edward256's avatar
"Be a leader"
So telling others what to do (for her)?
:icondiamondtiarahappyplz: Speech Bubble "I just asked my father if he could donate the money for the new playground equipment."
goldorakx69's avatar
Not only for other! she become a better pony and become the pony she want to be! what stoping her to become is her stupid mother, now she a better pony, so i am sure were she be adult she want to help Twilight in many way she can with money for all kind of project, i think she will become a very respected noble of equestria or even be eath pony princess(if she prove to be wordy) I know will become a better character but she need something or somepony to become a better pony, First i belive is will her best friend or Twilight but is the CMC(this blow a my mind for it) she still a long way to very know to all equestria but if she continue in this new way she will become a great and respectable pony. you say is like be reform, but she not be evil , only be a bully, and now she a opein her eyes thanks of the CMC! I love the new Diamond Tiara , she a great future right from of her and she will pass trought with her friends(Like Twilight a do with her friends) if Diamond Tiara a be selected to become a Princess(Alicorn or not) i think her mentor will be Twilight! learn with Princess of Ponyville will be normal, yes she not a unicorn but learning is for everypony or everycreature!
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All the game says is "undefined" and does not play. :(
Is anyone else getting an error that causes a crash right when they reach Rarity?
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yo tengo un error cuando llego hacia applejack

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i want to play this games so bad
but i cannot download this games
screamertv's avatar

¿porque no puedes decargarlos?

goldorakx69's avatar
the first game is good! but twilight is will never love this jeck! twilight love flash sentry and no other pony to be her speceil pony! evertime i see flash be treat like shit , i feel like all those hate him are inmature! sorry! i mose say it! flash got a lot potenceal! the fan mose fond way to make flash a great character! not a punching bag for hater! flash is not the only charater be not show all the potenceal he/she got! i will not say all them! is not fair for character of mlp!
GotchuDrawz's avatar
Welp, i cant do anything. Cant download....
VadimComrad's avatar
I know you sayed that you no longer making this game but... Is there are chance that you can change your mind? Because your game is really good. 
ZEkA10000's avatar
Game crashed when I buy a castle map
Toychicazegeek's avatar
can you plz mack this game free :(
ThatGuy4545's avatar
Please, finish this game! It is really great, but it randomly kickes me out. I hope it'll be even better. I count on you.
OMadHatterO's avatar
Even if you don't want to work on the game more, this game is literally fantastic!
You make sure awesome work, and lots of it too, I have to admire you for this and ask you how you even manage.
If you don't continue this particular project, at least return to it when you are ready and do the best masterpiece you ever done. Or at least another amazing project like you always do! ;)
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- I like "old school" too! :) Some games of this style You can download for PC Windows from there:

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meh. not even wanting to finish this project.
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