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[Downloadable game] Robin Steele 2 v0.3.0b



**This game contains no adult content. 

Download link

(only windows for now. Sorry!)


You are Robin Steele. Special talent - getting what you want.
After successfully capturing Twi from Flash, you have taken her into your personal castle to spend time with her. Except.... things start to get hairy.

Wander through randomly-generated castle levels to find her friends and capture them too, for anything you have in mind! Open chests scattered throughout the levels to find powerups and bonuses to help you along the way! Just watch out, when you are defeated, whether a dream-come-true or a living-nightmare, has to be lived through from the very beginning.

Known gameplay issues:

    • Text may be hard to read for some people, an alternate font should be implemented
    • Tutorial does not yet make clear that gold and silver chests spawn better items, gold chests spawning the best items

Known bugs as of v0.3.0b

    • Keeping the game minimized for some amount of time may randomly erase a background texture used for the minimap, after which the game will try rendering a texture that doesn't exist and throw and error at you.
    • Some computers may render text incorrectly, shaving off a 1px thick column from the text sprites
    • Semi-transparent UI backgrounds may incorrectly fade into gray rather than blending into black

  • Some monsters are missing their animations. Just part of the creative process :3

Also, feel free to check out the prequel!
 Robin Steele the Waifu Thief V2.1 by Pix3M
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I got an error when I found AJ Unimpressed Twilight Unimpressed Twilight Unimpressed Twilight Unimpressed - Crystal Sans Unimpressed - Crystal Sans 
Also the castle map can't be bought

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