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[Bitmap font] - Romulus

By Pix3M
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The world needs more serifed bitmap fonts. It's annoying trying to find what I need (or want?) so I made my own. Total newbie at type design though and this took only an hours worth of screwing around, so I don't expect this font to be industry-standard.

Edit: Now with a lot more (latin) characters for the European users.

Used this site to make this: [link]

Though I probably want more appropriate tools for this.
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asd asd cercavo tuttaltro
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M'man this may make a good replacement for my high rez texture pack font. Nice work as always.
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I might use this later.

Its a nice clean font.
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expect me using this is a game!!! uwu
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Awesome looking font! - Saved for later, maybe I can use it for an RPG Maker project someday (if I do, will credit)
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So you don't mind if we use this, then? Do you want credit? Great font anyhow :)
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Credit appreciated, but I'm not gonna chase people down unless they do something really stupid. Do whatever with it.
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The capitalized 'U' and 'V' looks almost the same to me, besides that it looks nice ^^
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This is actually pretty handy!
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It looks easy to read without straining the eyes, so it's already a winner to me.
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Masterpiece! Thanks for that stuff!
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Funny thing... I has making something bigger than this and named it Romulus. I realized I was making this font too large and made this smaller version called Remus. I eventually renamed it Romulus since it did have a better snap to it.

I will probably reserve Remus for a sans serif thing that could go with this.
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I've considered at least a couple times making a full proper font out of the font I use for my mock-ups. It's of my own design but it's very basic and standard, really. I just find creating letters that make sense to be kind of really difficult. It's tricky business.

Good work, anyhow :o
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This is a really great crisp, clean font for games. Took it for a quick spin on RPG Maker VX Ace and it looks fabulous in-game! Evenly spaced and nice, clear numbers also. As someone who has gone through tons of 'free fonts' that tend to neglect numbers and shapes especially this font is extremely refreshing. Thanks!
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AHhh this is very useful!
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This is awesome! :3
I love fonts like this.
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