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[Bitmap font] - Alagard

And I felt the need to make another font... I can feel that I am gonna want a font like this for various projects. I could go with other bitmap gothic fonts but they tend to be incredibly difficult to read.

The name I came up for this was largely a random piece of gibberish that sounds like a name that wouldn't sound out of place in a medieval fantasy game. Dunno if I subconsciously stole that name from somewhere though.

Wanna have a closer look at how this font looks? Here's a specimen I made: [link]

I might make more characters for accents and other fun stuff if requested. Limitations on the web applet I used to make this wouldn't give me the space to add them though, so I'll need to find new tools not so much focused on convenience.
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Hey, thanks for posting this excellent font! I'm using it in my gamedev project, Krasten. :)